Plus Size Winter Fashion Tips

Too big, too small, too thin, too round… For fashion, it is still “too something”! When one is small and round, the problem when we want to buy a dress is that the clips never fall in the right place, the length is not going at all, etc. In short, it is the cat!

Plus Size Winter Fashion Tips

That has never been tired of having almost constantly having to make hems on his pants? Or who has never cracked on a pretty dress or skirt that ultimately did not the expected effect for far too long?

So you can avoid this kind of frustration, we offer a selection of dresses perfectly adapted to the morphology of the smallest of us. The watchword: do not pack you! And to do that, we opt priority for dresses at the most kneeling height.

As is often noticed and that even in the heart of winter, we are offered a lot of short-sleeved dresses or sleeveless styles. No problem to wear, dress up them with a jacket or a vest depending on the style you prefer to adopt.

Which Dress to Wear When You Are Small And Round?

Know that you are lucky because while others grumble that some models are way too short as they are in the middle of the female size for you it falls impeccably! So do not hesitate to note which models have really short look on the models, there are great chances that you go to perfection! In general, the size of the model is noted in the item description, so you can judge relative to your height where the skirt / dress will happen, but 9 times out of 10 if the garment looks on the mannequin mini is it will do for you!  Keep an eye on the English site as they are often at home that the dresses are short enough, a real boon for you!

Some retailers also offer collections dedicated to small, keep your eyes open!

The key word in this fall-winter 2014-2015 is to showcase your pretty legs to elongate your figure! So dare runs with a pair of large tights to warm or brighten up your outfit and lengthen the leg. As for shoes, opt either for trend pumps, very low boots (those that stop in the ankle bone and do not cut and the leg line) that lengthen the leg as models necklines but may well opt for wide calf boots!

Small and Round: Note Selection of Plus Size Dresses for This Autumn-Winter

2 in 1

We love this pretty skirt effect dress matched with a top! We note that it seems short on the dummy that measures 1m77, good warranty length if one is small!

Season Sweater Dress

Certainly we would like you enjoyed a large model to present this dress-sweater season !The model is available in 6 colors he should not hesitate to dare to bring a little pep in the greyness of the moment. Even small and round we dare dress-sweater! If you have any doubt about the size, aim above so that it is not too snug.

Graou Sage

Staple of fashion, leopard print comes in cute little dress that looks like a good boy! Big heart for the oversize trapeze dress that will erase your curves and you emphasize.

Bling Chic

The holidays are fast approaching and without even that one noticing it will be right into it, have you ever thought about your evening attire? Why not this lovely black dress with sequins?