Plus Size Lingerie by Marta Campos

Sexy, romantic, discreet or daring. What kind of woman you want to be today? Ladies, did you know that lingerie is our gift-wrap and says a lot about our intentions and wishes? Even if you are single, going to work in a suit oppressor, why not stuffing it with a thong of ounce? You might look cynical: “You have no idea how I’m under that look of the day“! Hahahaha! Of course we adhere to some daring skits to boot elected vents, but the lingerie is a gift to yourself for the most powerful inside! Of bloomers to tongues, the history of lingerie reveals much about the past, the present and the role of women over time. Imagine how much lingerie and its concept have changed over the past 100 years is fascinating, if only because many continue to exercise the same function, yet to come in completely different formats. Without doubt the underwear have an important mission in the history of the clothing, especially the feminine universe, where women came to wear corsets fatal to his ribs, bound her breasts for a more androgynous look and even burned Bras as a form of declaration of freedom!

Anyway girls, as you’ve noticed today have “chat panties” with the luxury feeling and we want to share a new super cool item: the Store & Cia Lingerie by Marta Campos, Campo Grande/MS, is under new management and has just presented the collection autumn-winter. The entrepreneurs Ivanir Candida and Danielle de Oliveira Cortezfollow are now in charge of the store, which specializes in wholesale and retail sale of lingerie. Lingerie is cute and is the optimized option for women who do not give up intimate parts with comfort, quality and style. We have prepared a super tip for those who want to earn a little extra money. How about being a retailer of Lingerie Marta Campos? Just go in there in the store, do your file, choose your favorite pieces.