Plaid Leggings

Hello my swallows, are you having a good weekend? I find you today to share with you this look I made for the Nha Magazine it served me to illustrate the theme of legging!! What had made me crack for this particular fashion leggings, it is its material and the tiles, it falls really well since this season the tiles are hyper trends, we see everywhere.

I told myself that sharing this look with you, could give you some inspiration maybe tooIf you are interested it comes from Zara, as I shopped last season I thought there would be no more but you are lucky because it is still available on their site. All I can tell you is that it is hyper comfortable, worn with heels or boots way Doc Martins, it can give a super effect!! As far as the top, I just associated a lace top and my long blazer.

At the bottom of the article find the photo of the article and link to the NHA Mag ♥
Beauty:I bet on a bright red and Matt that comes from black’up the colors of their liquid lipstick are just divine ♥ and a dash of eye liner.
Find the article published in the NHA Mag follow the link and you will find a link to download the application:)