Pixel Glory and Fun Features

Sony Ericsson presents five new phones. Including an 8 megapixel-Swank, a games mobile phone with motion sensor and inexpensive all-rounder.

Actually, Sony Ericsson in Germany planned to introduce its new phones with a large press Tam Tam. But the event was canceled and instead, the journalists received today only the hard facts. Why of the retraction? Already last week trickled over the showpiece of the new collection, the 8-Megapixler C905, rumors and images through the Internet. Nevertheless, there is a surprise, because Sony Ericsson launches now also a F-series in addition to the still young G – and C series. The abbreviation is probably for fun and should attract gamblers natures among cell phone users.

Pixelprotz with GPS
With its C905 Sony Ericsson sets with camera phones of a new House brand.Because the slider take photos with whopping 8.1 megapixel. In addition, the manufacturer in the Cyber-shot mobile phone grabbed navigation with A-GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA.

Taxes per movement
Sony Ericsson launches its new series of fun with the F305 . A motion sensor sits on the phone. So it is possible, for example, to mimic the movement at the bowling-with the Wiimote from Nintendo-similar to.

Camera cell phone for beginners
The S302 is designed for users who want a pretty and slim multimedia phone without much gadgetry. At a price of around 160 euros, there is a 2 megapixel camera, EDGE, expandable memory, and a music player.

Two easy mobile phones
Who mainly on the phone and texting, could be for entry-level phones interested inJ132 and K330 . Both phones are priced well below the € 100 mark and deliver an FM radio, the K330 also Bluetooth in addition to rudimentary functions.

On the following pages and in the gallery you will find all information and details on the new Sony Ericsson phones.

C905: 8-Megapixler With GPS

Attack on Nokia, Apple and itself: 8 Megapixels, GPS, Geotagging, Wi-Fi, HSPDA-more features go hardly. But the full facilities has a price.

Sony Ericsson breaks through with camera phones the 5-megapixel barrier: the C905 take pictures with a resolution of rich 8.1 megapixel photos. That should do it for prints in poster format DIN A2. Mobile phone or camera? In the face of the photo equipment a good question. Finally, the slider provides a real Xenon Flash, auto focus, auto contrast. Automatic face detection, image stabilizer, photo fix image optimization, photo blogging and more. In addition, the manufacturer donated a navigation with assisted GPS mobile phone. As a software Navigator as a 90-day demo is installed in addition to Google maps the software way Finder. For each photo, the C905 stores the coordinates (Geotagging).

Data transmission via Wi-Fi
And even when the phone features, Sony Ericsson is not geizte. With the C905 you can via UMTS with HSDPA as well as via Wi-Fi to the Internet book. Alternatively, also EDGE is available in the quad-band phone. The Wi-Fi, you can send now also pictures, for example, on PC or TV according to the manufacturer. The memory is expandable easily 8 GBytes, a 2 GB of large memory stick including USB adapter for PC mobile phones are included. Also on board: Media Player, FM radio, 3D games and the usual organizer functions. The camera experts for a price of 589 euros is available starting in the fourth quarter.

Games Mobile And ALLROUNDER: F305 And S302

The F305 is waiting with an exciting game concept: arms and hands become joysticks. The S302 with a good basic equipment at a fair price is not quite as playful.

F305: With motion gaming
The F in the model name of the new games mobile phones probably synonymous with fun. Whether there will be more F models, could Sony Ericsson still won’t tell us. The concept of the F305 definitely is interesting: because to play take advantage of not only the special gamer buttons, but using your entire body. Much like the Nintendo Wii console, you simulate the throw of the ball with your arm for example in a bowling game. Another example: when “Bass Fishing” you impersonate the ejection of the Angel, while holding the phone in one hand. This concept with three preloaded motion games is far asks as the control over smarter mobile phone keys.

The other multimedia features include a 2-megapixel camera, a media player and an FM radio. The store measures only 10 MB, but you can with a memory stick micro (not included in delivery) expand. Supposedly the phone eight hours in the game mode can last. That’s not enough, can buy optional a power pack for the connection to the mobile phone, in addition to providing juice.

S302: Simple Knipse
In slim S302 shell, optionally available, basic functions with a few nice extras into pop blue or grey. Take photos with a resolution of 2 megapixels of the camera, the media player plays videos and common music formats, the memory can be by a memory stick micro (not included in delivery) blow up. It sounds although not exciting, but the list of equipment is quite attractive for a cell phone under 160 euros MSRP. As the target group planned Sony Ericsson with this mobile user on, who want a stylish phone at a reasonable price without complicated features.

Neue Einsteiger: K330 Und J132

Auch für Handy-Puristen hat Sony Ericsson Neues im Programm. Das K330 und J132 bieten nur das Nötigste, bleiben aber auch weit unter der 100-Euro-Grenze.

K330: Focuses on the essentials
With less than 80 euros, the K330 is the more expensive and slightly better equipped phone of two entry-level models. Quite elegant inside, you will find an FM radio with RDS transmitter display, in addition to rudimentary phone features Bluetooth, Java and MP3 ring tones. Up to 1000 contacts and 450 SMS you can bunkering in the K330. Via a WAP browser, it comes to the Internet – but only in the lame GPRS speed. As goodie Sony Ericssson grabbed a 0.3-megapixel camera with video recording to do so, a led as flashlight from andyoutdoor.com and health mate, an application that creates a daily fitness plan.

J132: Simple mobile phone with mini display
Phone calls and text – who is confined to these single functions, which extends the J132. Because much more can not the 76 grams light weight also. At a campaign price of 49 euros, you can not expect Java, Bluetooth, or even a camera. After all, Sony Ericsson also remembered an FM radio. Thanks to RDS radio stations are displayed. You will need almost a magnifying glass, because the display measures just 1.7 inches on the diagonal and shows 128 x 128 pixels. It takes small display and features little-hardly any juice. According to manufacturer’s instructions, the battery of nine hours in talk mode lasts through-a top value.

Conclusion: Clever Concepts

Silly season? Sony Ericsson no trace of them. The manufacturer’s momentum in the mobile phone market, especially in terms of multimedia with its five new models.

Five months after the last big mobile slide from Sony Ericsson, the manufacturer presented five new phones.Instead in January on tried and tested to put, dares the Swedish-Japanese joint venture now something more and presents exciting devices with innovative features.So it depends on Mobile C905 Knipse with its 8.1-megapixel camera the rest, in this country available camera colleagues down. Competition on this mega pixel level is currently expected little: Nokia maintains five-megapixel lenses according to his own statements, from Samsung, only that is SGH-G810 announced 5-megapixel camera with optical zoom. The equipment with GPS, Wi-Fi and HSDPA allow the competitors tremble.

So far the success of mobile games to be can wait, sales Bob to himself and also Nokia’s gaming platform N-Gage rips hardly a mobile user from the stool. With the Gambler mobile F305 could Sony Ericsson boost the sluggish gaming market. The motion control uses a very similar concept to the highly successful Nintendo Wii console-fummeliges handling is so passé.

The rest of the devices focuses on basic features: theALLROUNDER S302 offers even the longest list of equipment with 2-megapixel camera, EDGE, multimedia player and expandable memory. Very simple, but also very cheap this fall Slim K330 and the purist J132 from. Fürs texting and phone calls always submit the phones and aimed mainly at young audiences.

Rather than simply fashion and technology trends such as slider and GPS navigation to join, Sony Ericsson puts on it some briquettes and presents itself as a pioneer of multimedia phones. Here Nokia multimedia machines proudly call their models that can attract warm.When it comes to touchscreen phones, Sony Ericsson, but holds back. This might be also on the hotly anticipated launch of the Xperia X 1 with its large, touch-sensitive screen, are – finally no competition should be the Super phone right from their own home. In any case, Sony Ericsson has shown there’s no summer slump in the cell phone industry.