Pictures of Short Hair

Some famous women like to join the short hair style, after all there are people who do not support duty, Betty because of the heat or doesn’t match your style and type of face. Thinking about who wants to change the look and check the locks, the IMulher separated some pictures of short hair inspirational for you inspiration and follow the latest fashion.

This haircut is very practical but are not at all biotopes that can match. Women who have more rounded face should leave aside the outfit and opt for long hair, right? Click here to see more celebrities that use mini wires!

The famous hair


The singer turns and moves appears with a different cut, color and alternatives until the length varies. The style of the singer is in short black at the time, combine always with strong colors makeup or accessories like earrings and maxicolares.

Anne Hathaway

She loves to show the short with your clothes that protect the neck from the red capert to the day to day well-marked eyes is another trend that calls attention when their hair is different then that of Rihanna, Anne opted for a cut where the hair is long, you can have a Franklin.

Miley Cyrus

Is radical in style, big side fringe that accompanies a cut low to head in the rest of the hair. Combines more with younger women and having this more rock and roll style.

Agyness Deyn

The model has the quite short hair, your cut is more radical by having sides almost shaved and with a volume of wires capable of a fringe, the famous Mohawk. The model likes to wear hats and earrings to complete the look.

Michelle Williams

The international actress adopted your hairstyle innovative recently after abandoning the long wires she invested in well cut mini with a discreet side bangs. Notice that in none of the famous presented the ear hair, so when asking for your hair to the hair use these templates.

And so girls, you too will join the this short hair fashion? Know yet which often should you cut your hair!