Petite Women Can Use Big Jewelry?

The reader Carla reveals a question that might be a lot of women. She says the following: “like large pieces, but I think that are heavy on me. Even the skinny girls can mix two colors of gold? It doesn’t get heavy? ”

Let’s break it down, literally, Carla. I always say that in the past the most obvious proportions rule was practiced with unsuspected conviction: large jewelry in major and delicate items girls for the most type mignon. Is a logical surpassed by the importance of the personality of each and the idea of individuality have won in style. My mother, for example, is a short Napoleonic personality. There are many women whose ways of acting are more relevant and striking than their respective physical types. Therefore, the proportion of the jewel has everything to do with your way of being, if you like the larger pieces, but think they weigh, maybe it’s the case of reflect a little bit. You’re more collected, discrete, romantic? Or thrilled, expansive, almost Moody?

Regardless of the answer _ that it doesn’t have to be just one, because there are days and days _ is feeling completely comfortable with whatever you decide to use and you’re there _ have to evaluate. Maybe it’s the case to use things more “light” commonly and reserve larger volumes for that day/time when, in fact, are you feeling little more notable in the world.

As for the mix of tones, I suggest you read recent post (all at the same time now), I treated exactly Golden tones and white gold/yellow gold. Also applies to “the skinny”, as you say. Finally, still on weights, measures and lightness, note this hint: there’s a lot of matching crystal jewelry with several smaller rings to your fingers (as pictured below). Why, whatever the size of the issue, the vanguard and the contrasts always get along well.