Peter Copping Continues the Legacy of Oscar De La Renta

The expectation of this parade was notorious, the alma mater of Oscar de la Renta died just a few months ago, and the curious to know is how Kontinent Peter Copping in his debut at the head of the firm raised a certain nervousness. However, the new creative director of the House passed the test with note Thanks to a few designs that combined elegant conservatism of the firm with new life in the form of sparkles and transparencies.

Shoulders carry the weight of a firm as Oscar de la Renta It should not be an easy task, was one of the names most repeated by first ladies and on red carpets, and after this dance of chairs had to remain so. After having seen know-how of Copping everything seems to indicate that the firm will continue to reap success, falling to celebrities and getting flashes of thousands of photographers.

The parade was marked by the intention to continue with the legend of the seam implemented by Oscar, but the imperative need to introduce new air in the signing led to Peter Copping to play with transparencies, skipping the canons of sensuality and betting on designs more sexy.

The first outputs swan necks gave way to cocktail dresses and skirt and jacket designs, and later to dresses with v-neck halter and strapless in the lace and overlapping fabrics played an important role. However Peter Copping had a final surprise for the end, two lush satin dresses that closed the show with big puff skirts under the watchful gaze of all the present, including Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift, two of the favorite celebrities of the signature.

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