Penultimate Day in Paris: the Day of the Big Parades

The penultimate round of parades of the The fashion week in Paris highlighted among others since were two of the largest and most anticipated parades: Chanel and Alexander McQueen. But they also presented their collections for spring-summer 2013: Valentino, Paul and Joe, Paco Rabanne, MONCLER Gamme Rouge… A carousel of brands and designers for a very interesting day.

Chanel, pearls and some simplicity

Chanel fashion shows are always the most anticipated being a brand icon and its staging. The new collection exudes a certain simplicity, tweed and many pearls. It is not their worst collections, but Karl Lagerfeld designs are not Holy me devotion.

Valentino, the naked romanticism

I have weakness for Valentino, I like the style of their clothes full of romanticism and timeless. His new collection continues on the previous line. Sheer dresses, a little minimalism and color nude as the protagonist for a well designed and very salable collection.

Alexander McQueen, the spirit of the Beehive

Sarah Burton continues the legacy of Alexander McQueen with coherence. The new collection is full of honeycombs of bees in tissues, beekeeper hats and silhouettes unconventional to transport us to a current woman but with an air María Antoinette and other eras. All this topped with colors honey or sweet pastries.

MONCLER Gamme Rouge, summer butt

The collection of MONCLER Gamme Rouge It is completely dispensable but acceptable. Bath linen and light dresses made in mesh with small flowers for a few sixties looks ornaments.

Paul and Joe, aloha Hawaii

Paul and Joe He presented a collection inspired by Hawaii. Hawaiian floral blouses, pants or dresses blend gives you joy to your garments. The designs are for current and determined women who love to give a touch of color to your clothing.

Paco Rabanne, the future is the past

It is unbelievable the times that you can modify, interpret a style. In Paco Rabanne they succeed in some way. Dresses, pants suits and monkeys with chains, mesh, metal to draw the silhouette of women who look to the future.