Pebble Watch Customizable Faces

The next generation of Pebble will be more elegant and personalized by you than their predecessors

Pebble being left behind now that large companies are beginning to bet on the smartwatch market, so the company seems to already preparing to present the next generation of its smart watch. Although we have not yet any details about how it might look next Pebble, the evangelist authentic brand Jire Myriam has shared some details about what developments can we expect from this particular smartwatch

Apparently, the upcoming Pebble come with “more of everything”. Not only will than is presently the most beautiful and elegant design, it will be thinner and provide a whole new level of customization. Of course, we have been very intrigued about what that might mean that “level of customization”, and given the strong commitment made by Apple in this regard with the Apple Watch.

Joire has placed particular emphasis on that next smartwatch company will be highly customizable. In today ‘s models, belts devices can be exchanged for virtually any 22mm strap, but it seems that the new model will give us an even greater freedom. In fact, Joiro asked if it could be something similar to Blocks , the first modular smartwatch project, to which he answered “yes… you may or may not”.

However, Joiro has already predicted that it is not a revolution but an evolution .The next Pebble will not forget their roots at any time, nor all those attributes that have made it so popular, including its excellent battery life. For this reason, it seems that the next generation will continue to keep a screen with e-ink technology, which is a constraint in many ways.

The next version of the Pebble will maintain its screen with e-ink technology

Joire ensures that they had delighting incorporate an AMOLED display making it a cool LED smart watch featured on CentralLEDWatch, although this would have prevented offer a battery as currently has the Pebble. In fact, the company does not believe that display colors on the screen pose a barrier to compete with other devices like the Apple Watch. Moreover, sales of Pebble increased considerably since Apple introduced its smartwatch in September.

Finally, Joiro wanted to emphasize the 5 pillars of the brand Pebble , a way to justify not believe at all that Apple sees them as potential rivals: long battery life, multi-platform support, affordable and waterproof.