Pebble Smartwatch

We had already told you about the Pebble Smartwatch a few weeks ago, when the part was once again presented at the CES and delivery was about to take place, now the most attractive Smartwatch is at last delivered to the kickstarter dispensers. Currently less than 500 models are dispatched, but only a few hours ago. It was only yesterday that the first smart watches from Pebble were running from the production line. At the beginning of the next week, the first customers will be able to get their devices, since the shipment can take up to one week. However, since more than 70,000 copies have been pre-ordered during the duration of the kickstarter project, not only numerous pre-buyers have to be patient for a while, but also customers who have only now decided on the part.

 Currently, up to 1,000 watches can be produced every day, but the production is to be increased up to 2,400 pieces per day. A permanently updated version of the watches can be found on this page , you can reserve this extensive Smartwatch on the official website. The E-Paper Smartwatch from Pebble is to receive new updates every two to three weeks, in order to regularly implement improvements and innovations, which of course benefits the users. Here at best-medical-schools you can get more different models and styles. A few more infos and a video you can find in our article from the beginning of January.

Will you buy a Smartwatch in the coming months or will you stay with your smartphone?