Patterned Tiles Mica

It is not today that tiles has become protagonists in decoration: the hydraulic tiles, which arose in the 19th century, made success with his prints and are to this day quite used in floors and walls.

Who does not know the work of mining artist Adriana Varejão, which among other things, makes a re-reading of the Portuguese tiles brought to Brazil with the colonization?

Then came the stickers via RemzFamily, which are practical and change the existing tiles, giving life and colour to the environment. Now, the big news is the tiles with custom prints, which allow you to create different panels in various environments. In addition to this wave of tiles decorated intruding walls of rooms, bedrooms and even facades, it is possible – and recommended! – use it also as a coating for furniture such as coffee tables and side tables.

I talked to the architect Gabriela Carvalho, founder of MICA, a Studio that created tiles capable of forming different panels, depending on how they are applied. According to Gabriela, the idea of creating a brand of tiles came from your experience as an architect, because I was always seeking to do something unique in their designs: “I missed a product more modern and relaxed, which could leave the environment with the personality of the client, and that it was not possible to find it anywhere else”.

This exclusivity is important, since today everyone ends up buying furniture and finishes in the same shops and environments often are similar. Playing with the panels you can create a whole new environment without having to make major reforms. Idea for those who like practicality but do not want to stay in sameness.