Party at the Yard

It has been a while since I published nothing special for party decoration, but today I intend to redeem myself with a beautiful little corner all worked in the picture and cuteness that only IKEA is able to produce.

To tell you the truth, this essay is very old-fashioned, but this was the first time I actually found all the special details of his set up. The proposal is simple yet, but it brings together several cool tips that you can play for an outdoor party, whether it’s a bridal shower or a baby, to an engagement party just for those who really care.

The cake cherry, in addition to the incredible color palette that mixes orange with pink, is definitely the cover of outdoor printed umbrellas, they are there much more to bring a playful air to the decoration, than actually serving as a cover, okay, but it is. So much love anyway.

It was precisely this detail that made me sigh for this decoration the first time I stumbled on it at the Pinterest, but when you look closely at everything beautiful on the table, the umbrellas become just one of the details.

At this table you have beautiful pictures of IKEA, with the sole purpose of making us die willingly, but not only that, do you have a bottle arrangement? Yes, sir! Also has cute little bottles to serve the drinks in a very personalized way.

You can define the style of the decoration as a meeting of the Scandinavian with the boho, which although the face of summer with this palette, for people living in a tropical country combines with any season.

My will now is to cover all my yard with colorful umbrellas, and party in the yard every week

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