Participants of the Campus Party Recife are Without Internet

The Campus Party Recife can be seen this Friday an official party to leave campus participants offline for the first time. The phenomenon has become commonplace event: 4 of 5 previous editions have gone through the problem. The responsibility for providing the network infrastructure in this and all Campus Party so far is Telefonica |Live and Pernambuco edition of Campus Party the company provided a Downstream of 5 GBbps.

At the time of publication of this post, the internet has returned but was unavailable for at least 50 minutes. Shortly after the outage, the technicians Telefonica | Vivo ran from one side to the other in the dome where is located the event of network infrastructure. Unfortunately when I sought information about the problem they would not declare anything.

According to one of the participants, this is not the first time it falls – between 4:05 am this Friday the campuseiros also were without access. This information is confirmed in traffic chart, but when I tried to take a picture, the TV was turned off. There is suspicion that the first drop of the Internet was related to a power outage, so it was something broader than just the internet.

Access to high-speed network is one of the major points of the Campus Party, then that infrastructure is thoroughly tested against failures before the event starts, so that access to the network is constant. Apparently Telefonica | Live may not have been tested enough.