Paris: the Final Fireworks of the Fashion Weeks

As a show of man-made fires, where the Hurrah is the climax of the show, Paris is left at the end of the fashion weeks as the maximum time of the fashion of the season remaining to be defined, in this case, the Spring-summer 2013. And within the big week of fashion in Paris, the last days are those who reserved us the most relevant names: Giambattista Valli, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Chloe… Big names and large collections that you must see, of course, Jezebel.

Saint Laurent, new life

Hedi Slimane presented his first collection for Saint Laurent and we see that new run in the French firm: a perfume intense, seductive, mysterious, enveloping the new Saint Laurent woman and impregnates her love for adventure, a dense black color, and by the 1970s. Long dresses, shirts with ties and coats to the floor make up the collection. If we waited anxiously the reinterpretation of the feminine Tuxedo by Slimane, we will have to wait. Perhaps for winter & #8230;

Tom Ford, supposedly sexy

Assumes that the Texan is the designer who best manages the concetto of sexy, provocation, sensuality, without losing the elegance. And in this revival that has brought the sado-masochistic light because of fifty shades of Grey, Tom Ford Retrieves the leather, the waterproof black vinyl, zippers, monkeys, belt buckles and other paraphernalia, but it does a rather hackneyed way, and above all, not to the height of what you usually do. Except some really flashy dress, else found me weak.

L ’ L’wren Scott, eternal elegance

A presentation that has surprised me for good. A great job combining the black and white, adding a tad of the disco boom of the 1970s, and hitting when the designer adds color and complicated iridescent fabrics, make the collection worthy of attention.

Chloe, high-volume

The trend oversize who worked the brand during the winter returns to the catwalks for next spring, adding ruffles, drapes, baggy jeans and layers and layers of fabric overlapping but keep the lightness thanks to the use of fabrics like chiffon and transparencies.

Giambattista Valli, minimalism

I was surprised to see the Italian removing many trifling and decorative motifs to his collection and preferring by the minimalism. White, nrgos, grey, Crimson and gold to build a collection women, but much closer to the minimalism and simplicity of the 90s that usual romanticism of Giambattista Valli.