Paris Continues: Costume National, John Galliano and Akris

Paris continues its steady pace. Parades star everyone knows them and them we here are to the second but what happens with those who seem to be in the “shadow? It is difficult to compete with the big ones that set trends but are not immovable and they vary from a few seasons to others.


Today we review three firms who presented at the same time Givenchy or Celine. We begin by Akris whose creator Albert Kriemler He served as a posthumous tribute to his mother, who died this year, with an orchestra playing their favorite music, the Bach.

Black but not somber, touches of contrast and color came and went in the form of sparkles, living and prints that adorned a collection whose climax was casual, sport clothes and for the street, a sometimes wearable Street and others more than “diva” but far from unnecessary frills.

John Galliano

How cost me always talk about this collection that, from my point of view, should not be or exist. Bill Gaytten and your company say not the same, it is clear, and not only carry the contrary to that, but the legacy of the name that called them. There is nothing of Galliano.

Is that good or bad? “Is neither more nor less than a statement of intent as the creator that said: I am not romantic, here there are no women depending on the men so that they feel their identity”. A sentence aimed directly at the nose with a punch, I don’t know if successful or not. The verbal punch is given, the creative with this collection, Lord Gaytten.

Costume National

A trip to China It has been the determinant of tribal and ethnic influence in this collection. The Miao tribe has been the inspiration for cuts of a few garments that are around minimalism but gain some sophistication.

As always its revision of the feminine Tuxedo in their first two outings and last is exquisite as well as your clothes that are only defined in the vicinity with special patterns.