Levis Skinning Pants for Them and Them

The brand of skinning pants Levis is a brand that has been on the market for years, and has been making success from generation to generation, guaranteeing boldness, comfort and modernity for men and women of all ages.

And if skinning was once a part used only by women, now this fashion has also conquered the masculine universe, and allowing the silhouette well marked as for women, they gain more and more space. Continue reading

Running with a Heart Rate Monitor Programs

Running with a heart rate monitor, how do you do it? Which heart rate you should stick to improve your fitness, heart rate, which I keep for optimal fat burning, what can I derive my heartbeat? These are all questions that you can ask when you run for the first time with a heart rate monitor. Running heart rate, how do you do it? If you train with a heart rate monitor, you obviously know what the right heart rate zone is in train and what your heart says about your training. With this article, you will come up a long way. Good luck!

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Dances: Learn More about Zumba

To have a healthy life requires three fundamental things: balanced diet, daily water consumption and also the frequency of physical exercise. Many people confuse exercising with only weight training or treadmill exercises, limiting themselves to the pretext that they do not like this type of training, forgetting that there are several ways to burn off excess calories daily. Continue reading

System of Security Fog

What you can’t see. cannot be stolen “It is an innovative solution to immediate action, triggered automatically by the intrusion system. In seconds the room is filled with a thick layer of smoke that protects the goods and simultaneously creates a panic effect on the intruder, forcing him to leave the premises. The effectiveness of this system remains for the time interval (between 10 to 45 minutes) that stems from the time of the intrusion until the arrival of security teams, avoiding new intrusion attempts.

Integration with service to Central alarm receiver, ensures a prompt response teams security and greater efficiency of the system.


In the biggest losses come in the first few minutes after the break-in, before the authorities have a chance to respond.

The system of Security fog protection is designed to provide protection in the time interval after the intrusion to the arrival at the location of the security team or the authorities.

In a matter of seconds, the system fills the area with an impenetrable cloud of artificial smoke to protect the stocks, confusing the burglar and forcing him to leave the premises. The fog producedfrom is sothe dens which limits the visibility less than 30 cm.

The fog is completely harmless for persons, animals, electrical and electronic equipment, etc., not damaging anything that can exist within the premises.