Will It Again Be The API of Smart Watches? These Are The Models That We Hope

With Samsung having skipped his usual wait for the IFA in Berlin to present the latest model of its range Note, and almost all major makers except for Sony and LG perhaps having already shown its proposal for the second half of the year, we fear that not be too many surprises in terms of mobile phone During this next IFA Berlin 2015.

But that does not mean that the followers and curious Google and Android we’re going to get bored during the next few weeks. In fact, according to the latest leaks that we have been echoing us everything seems to indicate that the great protagonists of this fair they will again be the smartwatches, of which will see much and varied. Continue reading

Samsung Gear S2 Could Finally Incorporate The Slot NanoSIM

Last November 13, during the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Galaxy edge +, the Korean giant confirmed the IFA fair in Berlin for the presentation of the new Samsung Gear S2, the first wristwatch with circular design and rotating bezel of Samsung.

A highly anticipated device, announced months ago and confirmed in the latest SDK of Tizen for wearables, but of which we have not really known much more data, but which finally It will become the first Samsung wearable in 2015, classic design, metal construction with a bezel that can be rotated to facilitate interactivity with clock. Continue reading

The Samsung S2 Gear Starts to Shine in Instagram Thanks to One of Its Executives

The IFA Berlin 2015 is already just around the corner, and a year one of the main protagonists of the fair is going to be baked new smart watches that are preparing several manufacturers. Samsung is one of them, and the circular design of your next Gear S2 promises to bring us a minimalist elegance that could mark a before and an after in the design of the Korean company wearables.

Although a couple of weeks ago we began to discover the designs of this new wearable thanks to a photographic set picked up by our brothers from Engadget, today This watch again to jump to the fore Thanks to a photo published in its Instagram by Dennis Miloseski, Vice President of Samsung Design. Continue reading

Install Already on Your Android Wear The OTA: Interactive Screens, Translator and Together, Wi-Fi in LG G Watch R

Update (27/08/15): Available the OTA for the bike 360.
Update (24/08/15): Available the OTA for ASUS ZenWatch.
Update (22/08/15): Available the OTA for Samsung Gear Live.

The new version of Android Wear that brings to watches interactive clock screens, mode Together, Google translate and the support The LG Watch R G Wi-Fi is already coming via OTA watches these days.

If you don’t want to wait for the latest version of Android Wear you can manually update the OTA. At the moment the OTA is available for download for the LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, LG Watch Urbane and Sony SmartWatch 3. Continue reading

The New 360 Moto Is Seen by Chicago and Yes, Repeated Black Band

The Bike 360 It was the first Android Wear that aroused the interest of the public, and perhaps the better has withstood the passage of time, taking into account that it was announced a year and a half ago (although, that Yes, soon arrive in stores). If there are no surprises, this model CITES us renewal in 2015 IFA in Berlin, at the beginning of September.

Meanwhile, we are taking some additional details about how it will be, from the hand of a suspicious appearance in a Chicago train, according to a user’s Google +. Just two distant images, are sufficient to gather a few details of the next Motorola smart clock. Continue reading

Chromecast Unstoppable: Already Is The Second Most Popular Streaming Device in The United States. UU

The Chromecast is a simple device, which hardly requires configuration or learn how to use it, and he didn’t is sold for a price more than adjusted. This combination of benefits is doing to that little gadget will grow more and more in popularity, and in fact has already become in the second most popular streaming device in the United States.

The data are all last year, and are given by a market study in which Parks Associates accounted for 86% of streaming devices sold in that country. The unbeatable Roku is located in first position with 34%, while Google and its Chromecast are in second position with 23%. Continue reading

Android Wear Receives News: Interactive Clock Displays, Together and Wi-Fi in LG G Watch R

Last week leaked it, but today was the day chosen by Google to officially announce the new Interactive clock displays and new functionality Android Wear together.

Android Wear leaves show only a fixed clock display to make it more useful and interactive thanks to the new Interactive clock displays It will allow users more information part of the time without having to rely on notifications cards. Continue reading

Amiiqo, a Memory That Able to Save The Information of 200 Amiibos in Android

Today we speak of a very single accessoryr. If you are abreast of the Nintendo world today you know that from roughly a year ago, the company has begun to market plastic figures called Amiibo that we can use in certain games of 3DS and Wii U. Simple technology, works with NFC, and owner since the Japanese have not facilities that we use data from these memory cards disguised in dolls.

In fact, it has some drawbacks such as the fact that you can only use a profile on each one and if we want to bring them up (and many have) is not very comfortable. A United Kingdom company has developed an accessory that works on Android and solves all these problems. His name is Amiiqo. Continue reading

Metal Body and Bezel, as Well Us Shows Samsung Its Gear S2 in a New Teaser

We continue with the round face teasers IFA by 2015, and if a few minutes ago our colleague David spoke to us of the video that Asus had started to warm up engines to remind us close already quote from Berlin, it is now a teaser of Samsung and its new S2 Gear that we have to echo us.

It is a promotional video that Koreans have been uploaded to your YouTube account, and that we can get an idea about How will the interface of the device be, from the different designs of the clock to applications of weather, map or even of the stopwatch, all with numerous references to the appointment the month that comes in the German capital. Continue reading

So Ouye, The New Console Android Takes Borrowed Elements of The PS4 and Xbox One Design

When we thought that you had seen it all in the world of consoles Android, a Chinese manufacturer is and surprises us with Ouye. It is a project that not only mimics the name of another already existing, but it also take borrowed the design of the Playstation 4 lines and it introduces elements such as the ventilation slots in the Xbox One.

This console is trying to finance in crowdfunding Chinese JD.com page as a point of contact between some of the most popular consoles on the market. But unfortunately, If look you under the hood We discover that your hardware is far from being the one that any of us ask you a good console.

The Ouye comes equipped with a processor Allwinner octa – core A80, a GPU PowerVR G6230, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage that can expand up to 64 GB using microSD card. Among its connections also we find a USB 2.0 port and other USB 3.0 Ethernet, and it will work with the operating system Android 4.4.2.

The price at which its makers aim to sell its console along with a control button is 70 dollars, but first they will have that get raise the 60,000 euros to change they need to complete their campaign financing. We fear that if they want to compete seriously in a sector like the Android consoles will have to do better and not limited only to use a design that is familiar to us, what do you you think?