Overlooking the Kitchen

The best of this mini space of just 44 m² is that, when its owner wakes up in the morning, his first look is the kitchen seen through a great partition as a bookshelf, made to measure for this space. It is an element that integrates and communicates the two stays of this study in open concept. That’s why you have taken care of the appearance and design of the kitchen, which is visible from every corner of the bedroom. A small studio full of contrast with an industrial-looking kitchen with an interior profile in beautiful Scandinavian style. With a perfect blend of industrial parts, and classic and new-invoice design elements, the result is a home full of natural light and warmth.

The interior designer Joakim walls, presents an interior in which it is verified that “the beautiful always comes in ‘ small jars ‘.”

The particular style of this House has a lot of personality and is rich in contrasts and eclectic charm. In the end, the space is wide thanks to the luminosity that comes through the windows. The use of scarce space, is solved intelligently. To gain in a sense of amplitude, but not to lose the utility of a separate bedroom of the social zone, an open bookcase is projected as a division between the living room and kitchen, with the bedroom. This creates the necessary intimacy allowing the light to slip through the books, ceramics and works of art of it. The wood flooring provides warmth to the entire blank palette set. In the bedroom, under the window, is located a large and complete working table area.

The dining table with metal feet and marble tops offers the perfect contrast to the kitchen, open but with dark wood furniture without handles, which are integrated in all the space and are as storage or closet parts in the dining area and living room. Do not you think a mini space full of personality and used to the maximum?

Photographs [] Joakim walls

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