Training for Nijmegen March

A good education is the basis for the success of the Nijmegen Marches. This 4-day is the only multi-day hiking cruising mandatory prescribed distance. Good preparation takes about 4.5 months training structure. Regular exercise, increasing steadily walking distance and many kilometres during the spring will be the third week of July to bear fruit in “nijmegenmarschen.”

  • Provide training building
  • Organise training on “paper”
  • Find your train boring?
  • Example training Nijmegen Marches
  • Practical training tips

Provide training building

Although there are examples of people who seemingly effortlessly walk from the four days without training, most of the participants benefit from an intensive preparations. Especially in the case of 4-day in Nijmegen where there is no choice can be made from a variety of distances, but in four days, respectively, 30, 40 or 50 kilometers is intended for walking.
As the largest multi-day hiking March in the world each year traditionally begins on the third Tuesday of January and you need about 4.5 months of thorough training is a good idea to visit the area since the middle of March.

Organise training on “paper”

Does the beginning of March a plan, put it on paper and hang it on the Bulletin Board in the kitchen or in your workplace. Put the date on the agenda and that is mentioned in this list all possible training days. For most people, it is convenient to book one of the two days of the weekend. Make sure you hold a free training day every other week. You need not have a specific route or walking in mind.
If the planned trainings you are adjusting your other activities on it, and it is also for your family clearly what are the plans for these days and you have a “big stick” to wander. If you are a regional hiking calendar has taken note of the training days you can put there next and already figure out a few organized tours.
Love education possibly a blog and online looking for others who are in training to share experiences.

Find your train boring?

  • Do “travel” by morning exercises, if you struggle with training, she feels like an obligatory song and think it’s boring to go long distances.
  • Combine walking workouts and a day trip to the city. Look for a hike organized by a favorite city.Especially around the holidays during the spring, there are lots of hiking in the works calendar.During training you can explore the surroundings of the city later in the day, you can still go on a terrace, in the city or dining out.
  • Go in the spring one of the IML marches, international tours in the surrounding countries, such as Blankenberge, Belgium, in Bern, Switzerland or Diekirch, Luxembourg. For dates and more tours in IML calendar see one of the links under the heading read more in this article. These tours lasts two weekends and public holidays and have freedom of choice when it comes to walking distance.
  • If it is convenient: over a period of time to get to work, school or educational institution. Maybe you should really early, but you have during the four-day week in Nijmegen every day, you get the experience you get stuck.
  • Once on foot to a birthday or a family visit is also possible.
  • Sign up for the local avondvierdaagse.
  • Loop sections of the legislation in force-lines, or certain stages of the famous Pieter, possibly over night in a bed and breakfast or small hotel.

Example training Nijmegen Marches

Practical training tips

  • Regular and structured in kilometers.
  • Do a lot of mileage, even walking between the ‘ official ‘ training, make the occasional evening stroll.
  • Construction training, body and muscles to get used to the distances, that suddenly the 30 kilometre walk to see if you can keep it up is not easy, that works much better and feels better after a thorough development of distance education.
  • Practice several times on two consecutive days, to mimic the effect of a multi-day, also try in the morning early to walk the path, as in Nijmegen.
  • Rain or cold weather is no excuse not to work out in the summer, it can rain a lot, cold, or very warm. So work out under different weather conditions.
  • Often people with one or more acquaintances/friends go 4daagse. Go on your own, or do you just work out because it is not possible to work out together, it may be wise to get in touch with a local walking Club or Club and ask if you can walk along a number of times.
  • The training schedule is recommended several times two days in a row to go conscious distance. You can do a full 4daagse then also on Friday and Monday for two days and after 10 kilometres to run, to complement the four-day feel.


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