Official Rules of the Game of Pétanque

Boules or a bowling alley is a hugely popular sport in southern France. But even in the Benelux is a ball game that grows as a leisure activity, as well as in formal competitions. But how I play the game and what I need for this?

What do you need to play the game?

  • Players: you can play the game individually, but also two against two or three against three. In the triples, each player uses two boules at doublette, and individual game each player uses three boules
  • The pear-shaped ball: metallic sphere with a diameter of seven to eight centimetres and a weight of 650 to 800 grams. Bowls may not be smoothed or heavier.
  • The little ball: Small colored ball made of wood. Diameter of twenty-five to thirty-five millimeter.Both the cochonnet and Pétanque must not change during a match if they are broken.
  • Terrain: can be played in many different areas, but will usually continue on sand or gravel.
  • Measuring equipment: a tape measure or a thickness needed to see what boule closer to the cochonnet.

How do I play the game?

The cochonnet thrown in court. Then both teams try to throw their boules it so near to close. After the first boule by a member of the starting team is thrown, the other team will play continues until one of his bowls closer to the cochonnet than that of the opponent. If the players succeed before their boule is the first team will resume until the team manages to get a boule closer to cohonnet or until the boule is gone. The order of play is so long until all the bowls in both teams are. The winner of the round starts the next round.

When I win the match?

The point is set at the end of each round. The winning team receives a point for each boule closer to the cochonnet than a boule of the opponents. The highest score in a game is six. The game ends if a team has scored thirteen points.

Some rules

  • When the cochonnet, resumes the game, if not the cochonnet rolls over a sideline and is not visible from the circle. In the latter case will throw invalid, and the round was suspended and played.
  • If the cochonnet emerges from the game after one team has played their boule and the other team has boules to play, the team with boules receives one point for each ball that is not played.
  • If the cochonnet has been thrown, players have no more than a minute to play their pétanque.
  • Both feet must remain within the circle until the boule has touched the ground. Other parts of the body must not touch the ground outside the circle.
  • During a round, all the items are taken from the same circle.
  • During the preparation and implementation of the roll, the spectators and the other players do not make noise.
  • If two bowls of each team so far removed from the cochonnet, or both of these hit, going round invalid if no boules are still there.

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