I Want to Start Inline Skating

Inline skating is a sport and/or hobby that is very good for your fitness and muscle building. It is intense, but it can also be very relaxing during summer quiet skate with a beautiful environment. The only question is, how do you start skating? A good start with the right material is already half the battle. You can read more about in this article.

Buy good skates

A good start for skating is to buy good skates. Buy them correctly and make the store personnel to provide advice and assist in selecting the appropriate inline skates.Many call inline also known as roller skates. But unlike his skates skates:

  • A Roller blade has a line skate 5 4
  • Skating is more maneuverable thanks to shorter wheelbase, making your skates is again well suited for long time
  • A Roller blade does not brake or an inline
  • Skeelers has frequently lower the shoe so that you have less support in the beginning


If you buy Rollerblades continues and has never left it is wise to take some of the protection. If you are a good start, there will be a small chance of falling but chances are, of course, especially in the beginning. It is a protection for:

  • Audio
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Main

You might not be really tough but because you come with wheels on the tarmac and in the beginning, you cannot easily stop the danger can sit in a small corner, it is better to prevent than to cure.


In-line skating is important to wear clothes that are nice and smooth. It is best if you can make the leg of his pants in the skates so that you can’t linger. The clothes should be a bit wide so you can easily move and can bend your body without effort. Do not select the latest clothes, if you fall, it would be a pity if new clothes be damaged.


In several places in the Netherlands to follow their courses where you learn the basics in a few lessons from skating. Often there are also follow the basic course provides you with the technology could better champion. Such courses can be very useful, but they are sometimes not given throughout the year, or in the neighborhood. On this course you will learn the following:

  • Deposit
  • Brakes
  • Make turns

Do it yourself

If you want to teach yourself skating is useful for the first few times if you go to a place where the asphalt is right, not too many bends and where there is little other traffic. For example, a good place to be an industrial area on Sunday or in the evening. You can, for the first few times a meevragen that helps to keep the first few times where it is necessary, so that you can practice with cornering and braking without experiencing anxiety.
Fear is often a big pitfall in skating, but you can use any protection, and the more often you do it the easier it will be. It’s in the beginning just sometimes very difficult to find the right balance.Ensure at all times that the roads you skates plan so that you won’t fall on rough slabs and be aware of other road users, are you still a pedestrian while skating.

Would not rush

One of the most important tips, do not want to go fast with the skate. Builders slowly skating, and not directly a few kilometres behind the other. Especially if you are not used to work out your muscles may feel very hard in the legs and you can get cramps on the go as you do not express easy when skating.Also in relation to the learning process is practical too quickly to be sure that if you can’t make good turns you still let you roll out in time if you come see a curve so that you can do it quietly.

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