Doctor vs Personal Trainer

Bodhi-Sattva-Doctor vs. Personal Trainer: What is the best investment for health?

They serve not the medicine to be in good health

All of us, sooner or later we are going to see a doctor to solve a health problem, it is a simple flu or a more serious condition.

In most cases, all the doctors are doing is prescriverci medicine, give us a receipt and tell you: ‘ go to my Secretary to regulate payment “, often exceeding the cost 100 euros.
Then we go to the nearest pharmacy to buy medicine that sometimes expensive, say about 30 € ok?

In a large number of occasions DO NOT NEED doctor much less medication, you just want to have a psychological reassurance that everything is OK. Given that almost all medications work only on the symptoms of a State of imbalance and weakness in the body. This condition will return to show up later and you riempendoti the game will start again to quell the symptoms of medicines that tires the body and soul, continues in this vicious chain of events.

Yes, being ill is in many cases, a State of mind, we’re not sick, we was to survive, it is written in our DNA, and we could all well and good if there were constantly told that we need this or other drugs to feel good and healthy!

As explained Drs. Bernard Debre and Philippe, also in this article published in Le Monde, 50% of medicinal products on more than 4,000 warheads are completely useless and in his book of about 900 pages says that 20% of these poorly tolerated and 5% is potentially dangerous!

Drugs that control cholesterol levels is the first on the list, France spends more than EUR 2 billion for these medicines that have been proven to have little or no effect!

We all know that cholesterol can be, in most cases, are kept in check with a training programme and a balanced diet, unfortunately the drug companies tend to make us become psychologically dependent on their medications to ensure that the Board and ensure that Our end up in their pockets.

Eat healthy, train and Sarai in health

It would not be better to spend your money into something lasting that long term health and welfare?Our body tends, if enabled to keep it?

I think everyone here would respond to a lasting health and which naturally is a better choice than suppressing symptoms of disease with chemicals.

So why you are so inclined to pay the doctor fee and always complain when it comes to investing your money to prevent your medical commit just a training program?

A well-designed training program and good nutrition can easily reduce and eliminate your trips to the doctor!

Maybe it’s easier to swallow a pill that is running 5 kilometers, but it is a good reason? You don’t think that you would pay a heavier price for short time to avoid having to “fatigue”?

Do yourself a favor, the next time you are about to swallow a pill was wondering “should I help my body to heal itself by participating in a training program and have long-term benefits rather than to follow this” shortcut “that will only dampen the Parliament of my body for a while”? ”

If the answer is “Yes”, please contact a Fitness Trainer rather than a doctor, we will be more than happy to help, our fees are cheaper and usually more sympathetic doctor!

I hope that the next time to find you in good health and are aware that our body has a all they need from mother nature!

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