Cyclists Banned for Doping

Doping and cycling, unfortunately, seem to be inseparable.Here is a list of some well-known cyclists for doping punished. The list includes drivers who have been convicted since 1970 for doping. Ivan Basso, Jan Ullrich, Tyler Hamilton, Marco Pantani, Kim Andersen, Alberto Contador, Alejandro Valverde, Joop Zoetemelk, Floyd Landis, Christophe Moreau, Richard Virenque, Michael Boogerd, Lance Armstrong, Danny Nelissen and Alexander Vinokourov are just some addicts in cycling.

Kim Andersen

Renner: Kim Andersen
Year: 1987, 1992
Type of doping: Amineptin
Suspension Duration: Lifetime
Kim Andersen is a retired Danish road bicycle racer and coach. As a cyclist, he has reached some stage wins in Grand Tours after some real top successes. As a team leader, he was successful. From 1998 to 2010, he was a coach for Team Saxo Bank. If the driver is Andersen often punished for doping. This came to him in 1992 to become even a lifetime suspension.

Ivan Basso

Renner: Ivan Basso
Year: 2007
Type of doping: Operación Puerto
Suspension duration: 2 years
Ivan Basso is an Italian road bicycle racer. He is primarily a classification riders in the Grand Tours. His specialty is climbing. In 2004, Basso finished second in the Tour de France. In 2005, he was third in the same round. This strong line he persevered with the win in the Tour of Italy in 2006.Shortly after this victory was his name often in Operación Puerto. He was suspended in 2007 because of his involvement in this case for two years. After his suspension Basso came back pretty strong. Once again in 2010, he won the Tour of Italy.

Alberto Contador

Rider Alberto Contador
Year: 2010
Type of doping: Clenbuterol
Suspension duration: 2 years
Alberto Contador is a Spanish cyclist. His specialty is driving the big innings. He is therefore always classification riders. Contador is a good climber and time Trialist striker. In a year, Contador won all three Grand Tours. He won the Tour of Spain, Tour de France and Tour of Italy. In 2009, once again, he won the Tour de France. On Feb. 6, 2012 the final victory in the Tour de France in 2010 is taken away from him because of the use of clenbuterol. He also became the final classification of the Tour of Italy 2011 lost.

Tyler Hamilton

Renner: Tyler Hamilton
Year: 2004, 2009
Type of doping: Blood doping and anabolic steroids
Suspension Length: 2 years and life
Tyler Hamilton was 1995-2009, American professional road bicycle racer. Hamilton is best known as a servant of Lance Armstrong at US Postal. His success, he won with Team CSC from Denmark. He won stages in Grand Tours and won Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Tour of Normandy. Earlier, he had been second in the 2002 Tour of Italy. In 2004, he won the gold medal in the time trial. This Medal, he became almost angry. He was found positive on the use of blood doping, but the B sample of the blood sample that had become unserviceable. The medal could not be taken away from him. Yet he was a two-year reprieve. The gold medal that he gave several years later. In 2009, he again used namely doping and was suspended for life. He admitted everything, including doping in the an Olympic ride.

Floyd Landis

Renner: Floyd Landis
Year: 2007
Type of doping: Testosterone
Suspension duration: 2 years
Floyd Landis is a former American professional road bicycle racer. He was best known for winning the 2006 Tour de France. This victory, but he had to return again soon, as he had used doping during this round. He will be suspended for two years and made of this suspension, famous for never to return as a cyclist. In 2006, Landis won the employee of the U.S. Postal Service team of Lance Armstrong-two stages in the Tour de France. These were team time trials.

Christophe Moreau

Rider Christophe Moreau
Year: 1998
Type of doping: EPO
Suspension duration: 6 months
Christophe Moreau is 1995-2010, was a professional road bicycle racer. The Frenchman was a good climber and time Trialist and focused mainly on the classification of the Tour of France. Early in his career, Moreau came into contact with doping. In 1998, he was suspended for six months for EPO use. He rode for Festina, the team that was part of the EPA scandal during the same year in the Tour de France. Moreau has won only one stage in the Tour de France. It was the trial in 2001. Moreover, he received the 2003 and 2006 an excellent finishes in the Tour de France.

Marco Pantani

Renner: Marco Pantani
Year: 2002
Type of doping: Insulin
Suspension duration: 6 months
Marco Pantani was an Italian professional road racing cyclist. In 1998, he won both the Tour de France and Tour of Italy. Pantani was a real climbers and even classifying rider. After 1998 was smaller with Pantani. In 1999, Pantani was thrown out of the Tour of Italy for having too high hematocrit. He is not punished. Although he was 2001, when it was found a syringe of insulin in his hotel room. Pantani was in a deep valley. He was depressed and not see it anymore. On 14 February 2004, he was found dead in a hotel. The cause of death is still unclear.

Jan Ullrich

Renner: Jan Ullrich
Year: 2002, 2006
Type of doping: amphetamine and Operación Puerto
Suspension duration: 6 months and now stopped so no suspension
Jan Ullrich is a German former professional road bicycle racer from 1995-2007, professor service. The biggest success of Ullrich was overall victory in the Tour of Fran Look in 1997. He finished second five times in the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong was his biggest competitor. In 1999, he won the Tour of Spain, but was actually the focus of his career mainly on the Tour de France. In 2000, he won an Olympic gold medal. Ullrich was in 2002 for the first time caught doping. He got six months suspended.In 2006, Ullrich was suspended by the team led by Team Mobile because of possible involvement in Operación Puerto. He stopped on February 26 2007. On 9 February 2012 was Jan Ullrich of is a two-year suspension for blood doping by Dr. Fuentes. He lost all the results he achieved after 1 May 2005.

Alejandro Valverde

Rider Alejandro Valverde
Year: 2009 and 2010
Type of doping: Operación Puerto
Suspension duration: 2 years
Alejandro Valverde is a Spanish riders who are in professional service since 2002. His most important victories are the final standings of the Tour of Spain in 2009 and some victories in the Tour de France. Valverde got in this round is often a top-20 ranking, and thus made himself known as a classification riders honor. Tour of Spain ends Valverde also often in the top 5. In 2009, a two-year suspension of Valverde for his involvement in Operación Puerto. This suspension was set globally in 2010. In 2012, he made his comeback in the Tour de France. He finished in 20th and picked up a leg.

Alexander Vinokourov

Rider: Alexander Vinokourov
Year: 2007
Type of doping: Blood doping
Suspension Duration: 1 year
Alexander Vinokourov is a rider from Kazakhstan. He began his professional career in 1997. He was regarded as a big talent, good classification riders and dignified climbers on medium-high hills and was the favorite to win the Tour de France in 2000. A major doping scandal surrounding his team threw a spanner in the works. Vinokourov was found not guilty of doping. He won that followed several stages in the Tour de France this year, but failed to make a bid for the victory. In 2007, he was suspended for a year because he would have been in the service of Astana blood doping. He thought about quitting cycling, but still came back. In 2009, he returned with the peloton. 2012 might be his last year and this year he added a gold medal to his win in a row.

Richard Virenque

Rider Richard Virenque
Year: 2001
Type of doping: EPO, cortisone, ACTH, growth hormones
Suspension Duration: 9 months
Richard Virenque is a former French road bicycle racer in professional service. His main specialty was climbing. He won seven times the polka dot jersey in the Tour de France. He also won stages in the Tour de France and he took top finishes in 1996 and 1997. He was also a big favorite to win the Tour de France in 1998. Virenque was involved in the Festina scandal. The entire Festina team was shut out of the round in 1998. Virenque was originally said to be innocent, but later confessed to still doping. He will be suspended for nine months in 2001. He was forced to miss the 2001 Tour de France. Then he came back strongly and he knew in 2003 and again in 2004 to win the polka dot jersey. He stopped cycling in 2004.

Joop Zoetemelk

Renner: Joop Zoetemelk
Year: 1977, 1979
Type of Pemoline doping and anabolic steroids
Suspension Duration: in both years, he received a time penalty in the Tour de France
Joop Zoetemelk is considered one of the best riders Netherlands has ever known. He won the Tour of Spain in 1979 and the 1980 Tour de France. Total Zoetemelk attended 16 times in the Tour de France. He always drove him and was usually good for a high ranking. Zoetemelk was therefore a real classification riders. Zoetemelk was no less than six times second in the Tour de France. In 1977 and 1979 Zoetemelk used doping. He then got in both cases, a sentence in the Tour de France.
At the same time also Lance Armstrong, Michael Boogerd, Michael Rasmussen, Grischa Niermann, Thomas Dekker, Danny Nelissen, Marc Lotz, Steven de Jongh and Levi Leipheimer admitted doping.

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