Organization Wants to Create Torrent Site in Space

It may seem an idea through absurd and megalomaniac tendencies but resists the urge to laugh, dear reader. The spark that started this fire seems to be very serious and came from an organization that takes seriously its objectives: the Pirate Parties International, an organization that brings together all the pirates parties in 50 countries they are present. Again, I ask you to hold back laughter at least until the end of the post.
It started as a topic in the group’s mailing list. The initial post was aimed at finding ways to create a website that would not be restricted to copyright laws that usually govern the lodging services. One member then suggested send a weather balloon and put the servers in it. But then the idea has evolved into a satellite to be an option that would last for the long term.

The most sensible members managed to bring the discussion back to the planet Earth, suggesting that it would be better to start in any ocean. This was the option that the Pirate Bay had considered when trying to raise money to buy a small island and found the country itself.

For funds needed to make the idea a reality, the members of the mailing list also cogitate the possibility of getting a page on Kickstarter, a site that serves to raise money for projects. I wonder how they should sell the idea to prospective investors. I would suggest an ad that start with someone saying “But let’s talk good thing: who ever wanted to download a torrent? Direct space”