Now Go Tech Giants Together

Spy programs from the United States must be reformed. It requires eight of the world’s largest technology companies

Since this summer’s disclosure of the surveillance network system PRISM, there has been an increased focus on monitoring of services we use every day.

Need for reform
The major technology companies consisting of Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Facebook, AOL, LinkedIn, and Yahoo has formed a strong alliance.

They are now in an open letter called for a reform of u.s. spy programs. It writes our site.

The problem is that the system takes all too much respect to the State, and thus not at the freedom which the people are entitled.

Costs on the long scared
The big giants, of course, is not interested in a lack of confidence from customers, which in the long term are likely to opt out of the purchase, if not they dare rely on technology security.

“People will not be able to use the technology, they do not trust. Governments have set confidence on a sample, and Governments need to help restore the “sounds from Microsoft.

In the meantime, with legal action for patent breach etc. It is now nice to tech giants can stand together and fight for a common cause.