Now Comes the List back into the Calendar on Your iPhone

Upcoming software update for iPhone brings track back in the calendar as before iOS 7.

Since Apple updated their iOS users in September with new software, there was rice and praise to the well established tech giant.

As a former Apple is relatively fast out with bug fixes, and in this respect they are working now on iOS 7.1, which at the time of writing has reached beta 2. It writes our site.

Worth the wait
Release notes for beta’er contains list of bug fixes. It’s all a bit geeky, so that is why we have collected the most important points, including:

-Apple has now placed the settings to “Touch-id & password” out on the first page of “Settings” app.

-Update features a marked improvement of the animations, which have been one of the major criticisms of many disgruntled users.

-Animation for the control center is also amended so that it now POPs into place when you pull it up on the screen.

-Apple has even created a “list view” button in the “Calendar” app that finally brings the familiar glance back from iOS 6.

-There are also created small design changes in the user interface.

IOS 7.1 Beta 2 is not necessarily identical with the, which hopefully soon will be publicly available via “Software Update”. However, we hope, however, that they want to keep the improvements that this beta 2 offers.