Now Comes That Forced Video Advertising on Facebook

The Regent over the social media now seems to be close to the roll-out of video advertising that you can’t opt out.

Those of you who are familiar with Facebook, and may have seen the movie “The Social Network” can probably also remember Mark Zuckerbergs then position on advertising the use of the service.

Much has happened since, and users will now need to scroll up and down in one sponsored lookup after another.

Even playback information advertising
According to credible sources, so it seems that Facebook on Tuesday to publish their plans with video ads already popping up at the first users 2 days after. It writes the Wall Street Journal.

The plan is that the advertisement itself starts when you flip over, without the opportunity to jump over. Until now, there is also no clear information about where one second video commercials will last.
It is reported, however, that one of the first commercials which Facebook users can “look forward to” is a teaser for the film Divergent from Lions Gate Entertainment Group.

The function has reportedly been a long time coming, but now appears to be creepy close to a reality.