Nokia Dropping New Tablet

Nokia’s new tablet, which was supposed to hit the market next year, has allegedly been completely dropped. No one knows why, and Nokia will not comment on the matter.

When you run with rumors on the electronics front, so it’s usually about products which are on the way, and not, as in this case, about products that do not materialise.

Nevertheless, the site started the electronic jungle drum with a story about that Nokia has chosen to withdraw their new tablet, although it supposedly should have been tested in the last month, and had a scheduled release here at the beginning of 2014.


The new tablet, which went under the working title “Illusionist”, would have been named Lumina 2020, and should have been equipped with a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor. The screen, however, would only have been an 8.3 “as opposed to the current tablet from Nokia, which offers its users 10.1”.

No comments

The story is not confirmed by Nokia, which has not yet responded to any requests from several different sites. This, of course, have triggered speculation about the cause of the sudden killing of the project, but among the most popular theories, one can find, among other things, that Windows RT tablets generally has sold poorly, and several manufacturers have withdrawn from the market.

Another theory is that Microsoft’s upcoming $ 7.2 billion. acquisition by Nokia also may play a role. If the deal becomes a reality, Microsoft has supposedly their own tablet in the making, and “Illusionist” would thus become superfluous.