No, You’Re Not The Only Who Feels an Appetite Tremendous and Has a Mess Monumental

I’ve written appetite because it is more correct, but I think that what we suffer the most is what is commonly known as hunger, Sometimes, the simple anxiety of all life. It makes a little while I took a French toast, without remorse, with the absolute awareness that I should enjoy it because it ends the season. Later, I was asleep, I guess that by the satisfaction gives own French toast or the feeling of serenity that the losing battle has resulted in me.

I realize has long since I have a lot appetite and logically, the more I strive to eat less and more healthy, more restlessness I feel. I am aware that stop this feeling, to endure and to act with maturity is a matter of attitude, but I must not be very motivated.

It comforts me to know that I’m not alone in this, lately my friends and I reconducimos all the conversations to which we have added, removed or include willingly on our power.

Not I thin!

Yesterday without going any further, during a lunch break, my friend Marta told me that he left the bread definitely because it has realized that it is the source of all their ills, then told me that he had discovered the of spelt, in particular, a bar so great that it lasted him a week.

My sister-in-law Elena, who was there, deaf to the second claim, replied that she also had noticed that since, with the intention of saving, took a polvorón every afternoon to finish those who stayed at Christmas, had noticed a weight gain. I still wonder how many kilos of cakes bought this family to be in April and continue with the theme.

Martha returned to the spelt and said that with margarine and jam Cranberry that kind of bread was insurmountable, what Elena said that posts to put margarine, she preferred butter. Later commented that if you are missing Toast in the morning they are not people, and regardless of the type of regime that carried out always ask permission to the physician to incorporate them.

While eating a Risotto ai funghi porcini, Marta asked us What dinner, because it is a topic that does not see clear and is concerned. I commented that a good option was an egg passed through water and a mini-can of sardines by that of omega 3.

Then, both put a face between disgust, contempt and indifference to the preparation of dinner based “toast”. One proposed with tortilla, the other said to be happy it had to add cheese, what the first improved it with tuna, to finish removing the word with the idea that a scrambled eggs with shrimp was the best choice.

The fat is that they do not explain How not slim eating so little. To top it off, Elena always advocating for the Sport, told us that that day had walked almost one hour: 20 minutes from his home to the office, 10 to the restaurant and the other 10 that would make it back to the office, there were 40…

When we got to it of the dairy I gave up, Marta said that it has left them in a radical way and has discovered some goat’s milk ecological delicious, that only sell in El Corte Inglés. After this nonsense that I collaborate on many occasions, what the French toast I think of a lesser evil.

Came the calm…

Recently a coach told me that the fact of fat must be accepted because nature is wise and as our anniversary the metabolism slows in response and in conjunction to what will be a new period more life sedentary and pleasant in which we no longer we need to use the strategy of survival.

I don’t know if that superior plan unknown that life has changed because now more than ever, tell me that 40 is the new 20 I run, and I had to familiarize myself with concepts such as probiotic macrobiotic, biological, ecological, vegan, lactose-free foods, Spurn meat and watch the gluten. It is logical that my head and my friends make sparks occasionally.

In the race, I wonder if we are not wearing us in battles that don’t even have enemy, and if any of them which they consider failures they are in fact our best victories. Many of my searches to be wrong and importing only the simplest moments of happiness, How to eat risotto with some friends.