Nine Things That Us Gives Shame Buy Have The Age That Have

Maybe that long time has passed since that embarrassing first that you came into a pharmacy to buy an intimate product and now you are already cured / of fear. You are the King or Queen of the personal shopping, you’ve crossed you over one sexshop looking for a toy to give and go in the underground reading the latest erotic book of fashion without problems. But still There are certain things in your shopping list that make you sweat drop fat When you go to the store and would give anything to not have to buy them in person.

1. shampoo or lotion Poux.

It seems lie, but lice are more fashionable than ever. It is rumored that some evil scientists have developed a mutant breed in a laboratory for lining to sell products to remove them. The fact is that if you have children, or work with them, many are the possibilities of that Gilles them every few minutes. And no, having dyed hair is useless, it is all a false myth. If you already experience of discovering that you have lice is frightening, much worse is having to go to the pharmacy in your neighborhood to your friend pharmaceutical chismorree it is the entire district.

2. cream for haemorrhoids.

Yes, the pharmacy is purgatory staff of shy people who have thorny and difficult to explain in public problems and (come, also) in private. Try not to buy this product wearing clothing very tight or You’ll have that leave the property backwards.

3 suppositories, laxative and anything related to our digestive tract.

That’s great! Now everyone knows that you have an intimate problem with Mr rock, whether a detachment or wildly passionate relationship. And worse, they’ll give you tips that you have not asked.

4 facial hair bleaching.

In the background, everyone is aware that you have this problem, but so far they have been very discreet and I have not said anything. Moreover, when you come to ask what they disimularán and will talk about anything else without looking you in the face, avoiding certain areas of your face. But they can hide their eyes of commiseration.

5 packs toilet paper sale XL.

Why us shame both buy toilet paper? At the end and at the end it is a product common in most Western households. But still worrying that think when we returned home with a huge package of this product and if our Nosy Neighbor is doing the mental calculation of how much you use and why.

6. in general, buy anything in industrial quantities.

Nutella in giant format, bags of potato chips and snacks to the gross plant looking having been cultivated in radioactive fields and forms similar to certain parts of the body… You feel the looks of curiosity of all supermarket clerks stuck on you and you know what you are thinking that you will do as soon as you get home.

7. some books.

This biography of a public addicting that we have an intense relationship of asco-amor, the adaptation to the book of a pretty mediocre television series but we are hooked, a novel type young-adult when some time ago we had a forties, a very specific subject that interests you only you and not everyone can understand… Required much value to a library to get that book that you obsessed. Welcome are the libraries online for these cases…

8. an ugly spandex as the demon.

Although the Kardashian clan have normalized the use of girdles and until all the celebrities show them shamelessly, buy a girdle is bringing you memories of your grandmother aunt Gertrude. Not to mention the tricky questions that will submit the clerk on duty, who wants only to do its job, on what you want to hide or highlight. The perfect occasion for use a lot of euphemisms about different parts of your body.

9. adhesive tape and strings,

DIY enthusiasts will want “to thank” the Lord Grey by the uncomfortable moments that I now turn whenever we enter a store to ask for certain materials to make repairs at home. But not the bungling that some dirty minds are imagining.

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