Nicolas GhesquièRe Is the Future of Louis Vuitton

Oh come here, copycat!
You’re my puppet, you know I love it!

And so, with hat in hand, it could have come out Nicolas Ghesquière to instantly start the most anticipated parade from the Raf Simons take the reins of Dior. Everything communicates, from context to scroll to music that adds words to the message transmitting garments. This time there has been no elevators that go up to the catwalk, neither spectacular nor revived muses smoking with grace trains. Goodbye to the great sources and all imagery: the Royal garments were sent and Kelis gave voice to the Assembly with enough inquina.

Nicolas Ghesquière had the difficult ballot to take the reins of the Marc Jacobs off star. The man who revolutionized Louis Vuitton ended overshadowed by his show, that not for their fashion. The relay had to get. Unlike Dior, Louis Vuitton took is calmly this generational change as necessary as it is the cessation of another German specialist in the tactics that Ghesquière school does not need.

Ghesquière and the arrival of Raf Simons at Dior to Louis Vuitton speak of a context of change in the luxury. Touch land after living in some clouds, of wanting to bring the brand to reality, although this not go translating into success and Yes in a sadness of Haute Couture, which we sell as prêt-à-couture crying in the distance to Galliano.

Both the French and Belgian designer are the most visible heads of this new fashion nowadays. The difference is that one has entered as a respite from the imagination of fashion Galliano and the other as a respite from the imagination of the Jacobs show. Dry land in the art and the surprise is difficult, even more so with a minimalist poso worked on Jil Sander that seeks to get rid of the corset of the absence of schemes (and already warned him at the time). On the other hand, Ghesquiere treads a land that takes too long fallow, dominated by the image and needed no more dramatic curl base. It does Freja Beha Erichsen hand to make it more clear.

Louis Vuitton has found in Nicolas Ghesquière your perfect specialist so the fallow is carried out. Perhaps waited too in the relief, perhaps, the past is made, not worth more spin to it, but it has his whole future ahead to create a new image into a brand that fortunately does not need it. Louis Vuitton sells single as a brand. It is still the most valuable luxury brand in recent years. Only in 2013 the LVMH group generated 3.436 million euros in profit, up 0.4% in 2013, being its strongest brand Louis Vuitton.

Unlike Chanel Louis Vuitton yes I renew before being too late. If you trust a man who brings his great taste in fashion, which, at the same time, lives of the past of the House as a sight to the future with personality, in addition to know relaunch iconic brands as it did in Balenciaga. That’s where lies the difference.

Ghesquière falls in love with the first, does not need to say anything because their outputs on the catwalk away effects already do it by themselves, but in case someone needs an instruction book to understand his new philosophy that will renew Louis Vuitton leaves us the ‘Haunted’ Beyonce sounding background.


What goes up around ghost
Ghost around, around, around, around
Soul not for sale
Probably won’t make no money off this, oh well
Reap what you sow
Perfection is so, mmm
It’s what you do, it’s what you see
I know if I’m haunting you, you must be haunting me
It’s where we go, it’s where we’ll be
On to you, I’m on to you

This way if a brand is renewed.

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