Nexus TV in 2014?

Google might launch an affordable TV box in 2014 to compete against Apple TV, Xbox and Playstation.

Google TV beat never really materialized, but Google, on the other hand, has shown significantly better Chromecast beats and the cheap TV-box will probably lie under many Christmas trees around the world. Now there will be perhaps a more advanced Chromecast.

The rumor mill says of course never quiet and now there will be information about what goes under the name “Nexus TV”, who reportedly was supposed to be a TV box, but statistic Chromecast is a USB-pen that helps stream HBO, Netflix and radio, then Nexus TV be a normal TV-box besides Netflix also will focus on games and will thus compete with Xbox and Playstation.

Rumour also says that Nexus TV stock market will contain a Kinect-like camera and a touch remote. Nexus TV can with Google Hangouts and camera be used as a video conference and thus offer Xbox Ones Skype up to dance.

About Nexus TV comes is unknown, so the launch date and price can only gistnes about, but the mobile site will of course follow up on this topic.