Nexus One Receives Android 2.3.6

Google is not forgotten in the Nexus One and finally released update to 2.3.6 Android (Gingerbread) It launched three weeks ago for Nexus S. In this new version seems to correct some of the problems that has caused Gingerbread in this mobile, although it seems that does not solve the problem with the LED notifications on missed calls.

The update will come via OTA starting today in a staggered fashion to the Nexus One American or Americanized. For the Nexus One (Vodafone) will have to wait longer. To check if the update we have to dial * #* #2432546 #* #* (* #* #checkin #* #*). If it has not reached us and we do not want to wait any longer we can install the update manually:

Installing Android 2.3.6 on Nexus One

To carry out installation correctly, we have to have an American Nexus One with Android 2.3.4 GRJ22.

1 download the file “ .zip ” your Nexus One Android 2.3.6 GRK39F official update.

2. rename the downloaded file to and copy it to the root of the microSD card of your Nexus. [Note: make sure that the file is named and not]

3 turn off your Nexus One

4 press the button & #8220;Volume down“ to turn on the phone.

5 appears a white screen with several options (and the image of a green androidecitos skateboarding). Go to the option & #8220;recovery“ by pressing the key & #8220;Volume down“ and press the button on the phone again.

6 when the phone start and shows another screen showing a triangle with a small Android at his side, press the power button and the button & #8220;Volume up“ at the same time.

7 will be shown a menu, you must now select & #8220;Apply sdcard: update zip..“ with the trackball and click it to start the installation.

8. wait until installation is complete and restart the phone (it will take a little more than usual). Already have Android Gingerbread 2.3.6 installed on your Nexus One!!

UPDATE: Many users are reporting that this new update causes a failure in the Gallery of photos leaving extend photos with pinch-to-zoom gesture