Nexus 5 Successor From LG: Release With 3D Camera And Android M In October?

The successor to the Google nexus 5 already appears in the autumn 2015? Supposedly it should be a high-end Smartphone, that is established as the nexus of 5 and the nexus 4 by LG and is preinstalled on the Android M as the operating system.

The main feature of the Smartphone to be a 3D camera according to the rumors, reported, citing the Korean side iNews24 GforGames. Therefore, a South Korean supplier have already supplied the necessary 3D-Kamera-Module to LG Electronics. According to the report, the camera of the nexus to 5 successor apparently on two modules back tire to allow 3D images. This technology is supplemented by an infrared sensor said. The unusual equipment reminds some of Google’s 3D-Scanner-Tablet Project Tango.

Nexus 5 successor from LG Release with 3D camera and Android M in October

Price Rather Like When The Nexus 6

Possibly, the Smartphone is the device that is to be developed under the code name “Angler” by LG. This allegedly has a 5.2-inch display, a 2700 mAh battery and uses the Snapdragon 808 as a centerpiece. Already in April a picture had surfaced, that 5 might show the successor of the nexus.

At the price of the nexus 5 successor, there is yet no information; because the Smartphone but is described as a “Premium device”, it is likely that the price rather oriented nexus 6 where for that than on the for the nexus 5. Comparison: nexus 5 cost 349 euros to release in 2013 in the basic version, while approximately one year later already 649 euro were required for the nexus 6. Last but not least, the 3D camera could be spearheaded by Google as the reason for a higher price of the new smartphones.