New York Is Flooded with Color and Patterns to Risky

Start the New York fashion week with very low temperatures, in fact the city has dawned with an impressive snowfall. The Skylight Clarkson Square, located Soho emblematic of the city’s skyscrapers, has been the setting chosen by Unequal to teach the world Extraordinary, his collection Autumn-winter 2017-2018.

Unequal has progress since last season with his approach to trends. The new collection is full color and risky combinations and striking, faithful to the style of the firm but with little sprints. Garments inspired by the subcultures that were born in the years 60, 70 and 80 of the last century, but without taking into account the present.

Amazing looks with sophisticated clothes denim that adapt to all trends, from the military, the big winner of the parade, beautiful jackets and jeans with details of flowers, miniskirts with details to lingerie. Mixture of inspirations of color.

The jackets are the big stars of the collection. There is in all versions: from Tweed, velvet, precious biker, bombers y notched American printing pictures, one of the most oft-repeated in this sample. The denim jackets, his iconic garment, there are oversize cutting, own 90s, or tailored models combined with other fabrics.

The Victorian blouses and the lace combine with very striking garments of animal print, with sophisticated flowers hand-sewn and precious Maxi coats. It also highlights the patchwork and damask prints handmade.

The monkeys they remain part of our wardrobe. Unequal It proposes a design metallic fiesta and other flowers in one night semi-transparent gauze very colorful and feminine, floral print fabric that also wears stylish flyers mini-vestidos.

Overlays, fishnets, Pom-Pom hats of feathers, black necklaces attached to the neck, boots of flowers and care bags with textures and elegant shapes. Some, very elegant. More other sport and of course, backpacks. … complete a parade that has flooded New York of color and pizzazz.

Depending on the brand, with this collection you want to pay tribute “to the women of these unique ecosystems, which establish their own codes and gather to display and celebrate their identity. Scenes where the look is a collage of influences that are mixed in a new and unexpected way”.

So far, clothing collections were inspired and transformed themselves to reach the consumer. Very few parts were arriving in stores. It will now be these garments that are sold. The very fans of Unequal will find the brand that they like, but more nuanced.

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