New Swiftkey Beta for Android

Can now be sent bouquets, cakes and crazy smileys through the popular Android keyboard.

When it comes to Android-the universe, is almost endless customization opportunities.

This means, for example, that if you are not satisfied with your keyboard, you can just install an alternative.

Among these are the popular Swiftkey, who also supports the chic swype technology.

The company behind the success has now released beta with new features. It appears on your website.

Useful upgrades
The team behind Swiftkey has deployed over 500 emoji symbols.
In addition, they have created a feature that identifies your text, and recommend corresponding emoji thereof, if you want.

“URF.eks when you type” Santa “you will be offered in addition to Word-Christmas-emojis predictions, is inserted by a pressure,” says Evan from Swiftkey.

You have with this beta also possibility to place a row of numbers above box Tavern, so you have quick access to it.

Swiftkey 4.5 beta can be downloaded via the developer’s website here.
We need for a good measure say that installation happens around Google Play, and is therefore at your own risk.