New Boss in the Ring

The name immediately reveals the biggest change: the new N95 is delivered with less than 8 gigabyte memory. There are also other improvements. The reward: The N95 8 GB taking clear leadership in our cell phone ranking.

Noble, the new N95 looks 8 GB in its black case with chrome applications. At first glance, but also something massiger than the ur N95. But the direct comparison shows: the appearance is deceptive. The area is quite similar to the predecessor. Only a lot more is in there this time.

In the N95 jazzed up, Nokia grabs whopping 8 GB memory, a larger display and a more powerful battery. These upgrades without effect remain in the test. The N95 takes over 8 GB pole position in our leaderboard and manages with the smart phones at least in the top 5.

Phone And PDA-Facilities

The phone features the N95 8 GB brings the full Pack. However, as a Smart phone, the renovated Finn has what neatly on the box.

The phone functions relies on technology known from the N95 Nokia already: the quad-band phone has a comfortable contact management, practical call logs, a voice recorder, and a recording of a phone call. Also Pocket and unit converter, group functions, voice dialing, voice control and push-to-talk are not lacking in the equipment list.

For quick trips to the Internet via the mobile network, HSDPA is in phase II on board. Theoretically, this allows a speed of up to 3.6 MBit/S in the direction of mobile phone. The N95 has 8 GB also a fully fledged Web browser which can be easily controlled via joystick and mouse pointer and fast builds websites. In the test, the website of was fully charged in just 12 seconds-a good value for a cell phone. Of course, you can use a full-fledged email client for SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 accounts.

PDA functions
The N95 8 GB offers all important PIM (personal information management) functions as a dynamic contact database, appointment management, memo pad and Task Scheduler. You can use your computer to synchronize all PIMs. 1,000 contacts via USB were matched in almost two and a half minutes in our test.

Bluetooth took matching 10 and about 40 seconds longer via infra red. A viewer for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents can be found in the “Office” folder. The user interface can be customize S60 typical versatile to own preferences and make more effective with shortcuts.

Data And Navigation

The N95 8 G is good as a Navi system. An integrated GPS receiver and GPS software and maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland have the right way upon request.

Memory full
The advanced just 8 GB memory of the N95 8 GB is the most prominent new feature. For the newbie waives this time however a memory card slot. Yet 6.525 MB for your own content can be used at the factory. By the way:, Our tester had played the film “Spiderman 3”, whopping 815 MB of memory allocated. Deletion of the film (after viewing) brings a whole chunk of memory so again.

Infrared, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB are available on interfaces. But the Finns have waived its right to build a fast USB interface: the users must settle fast speed (12 Mbit / S) with USB. In our test, one 3 MB large MP3 file via USB was transferred in 4 seconds.An entire album (12 MP3s, 49 MB) needed just 50 seconds.

Therefore, the filling of the complete store under optimal conditions will probably take about 90 minutes. Which is why in a top phone not the much faster “USB high speed” technology was installed, which offer cheap bargain counter-MP3-player as well as memory card reader for a few euros, Nokia could not tell us so far.

GPS with A
Faster can orient to the N95 8 GB with assisted-GPS: the cell phone gets rough info about your location and there visible satellite over the cellular network and so much faster to determine where exactly it is.

Currently supported still no mobile network operator in Germany A-GPS, but Nokia has an own server, which already provides this information. No new hardware is needed, also N95 owner per update (from version 12.0.013) can use A-GPS.

As in the previous 8 GB preinstalled maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the factory on the N95. If you need more material or travel guide features, can download for a fee. In the test, the navigation with the N95 worked quickly and precisely.

Photos, Music, And Games

The N95 8 GB in the test in the field of multimedia could score with five Megapixels, a good music player and the N-Gage platform.

The N95 has a digital camera with lens by Carl Zeiss and a maximum resolution of 2,592 x 1.933 pixels (5.01 mega pixels) as well as the N95 8 GB. In addition to editing options for images, the camera offers a burst mode with adjustable image distance, scene modes, color effects, and Weißabgleichsprofile.
You can rearrange new albums on the phone set and your images as you like, and you can move.

You can send photos directly from the mobile phone to a blog or a photo services such as Flickr. The pictures of the N95 good-looking 8 GB not only on the phone. Even on a large screen TV you can view your photos good cheer (see Photo Gallery). Incidentally, quite simply works with the TV cable, provided with the mobile phone from the factory.

Multimedia menu
Nokia wants to make easier the access users to multimedia content on the mobile.For this the corresponding menu was changed thoroughly: on rather spartan-looking rotating “index card” users now find the theme worlds music, Internet, Gallery, video, navigation and games, as well as access to the contacts. The whole while increasing the clarity, was however very sober.

Also, we could not freely configure the contents of the multimedia menu. Only the arrangement of the index card can be changed. Headphones from ComputerAnnals supplied with, the music player sounds good, he should be just a little louder. Sound settings can be made via 8-band equalizer. Player and radio can be controlled well by the enclosed cable remote control. Also mute the radio works so that a button

N-Gage games
No, it unfortunately no games on the N95 are 8 GB available, in any case, no full versions. To the “N-Gage” gaming platform we can say therefore also only little, only so much: the two demos played on were quite fun and looked good on the phone. Test can be the soccer game “FIFA 07” and playing the racing game “Asphalt 3”. If you want more, can download games directly on your mobile phone, but must pay.

Practice: Stronger Battery

Nokia has learned from the weaknesses of the N95 and now with a more powerful battery 8 GB the N95 on the way. Also the display is now bigger and brighter.

Key data and handling
99 x 54 x 21 millimeters and its 132 grams is the N95 in the hand. Thus, the N95 8 GB has slightly more weight than its predecessor on the ribs. But also in terms of endurance, the new N95 has put to properly.
The ur N95 was sucked out, after two and a half hours at full GSM transmission power that perseveres 8 GB after all good an hour longer. The processing of the device is quite reputable.

The quite wobbly after just a short time slider of the N95’s descendant has not inherited the double slider already: If you expose the MP3 buttons by double-slider, switches the phone to landscape mode.

Display: bigger and brighter
Liked the new display has given us. It is not only bigger than that of its predecessor with 2.8 inches diagonal, it shines even brighter. (320 x 240 pixels) and color depth (16.7 million colors) remain the same. Nokia has as a result that the upper carriage of smartphones is now exactly as wide as the bottom side created space.Also, the Finns have squeezed the keys below the display what but not significantly impaired the good usability.

Spitfire the newcomer not quite up to the level of his ancestors at the acoustics of the phone. A somewhat unnatural sound and clearly audible noise on cell phone and landline tarnished the otherwise positive impression.

Conclusion: Deserving Winners

Nokia has added significantly with the N95 8 GB compared to the ur N95. Thus, Nokia of the N95 manages double victory.

Pretty much everything is currently packing in a mobile phone is 8 GB in the N95. Thanks to the full dose of mobile features, ordinary PDA functions and a fleet data connection via mobile network HSDPA. That no longer extend can the existing store of less than 8 GBytes, buyers are able to bear.

The N95 8 GB does hold as pilot. Navi-softwareand maps of Germany, Austria and Switzerland is supplied from the factory. Who wants to use the phone in the car as Navi, must buy but car holder and charger. In the area Multimedia are 5 megapixels, a good music player, FM radio and the N-Gage platform to beech.

In the Practice provide a stronger battery and slightly grown display for better suitability for everyday use. Less moderate quality we liked on the N95.

Also that Ur N95 yet not long to the old iron and features a similar variety of equipment such as the new N95 8 GB. Who always has his charger and seeks a really well-equipped cell phone, gets a good companion in your hand with the N95. You want HSDPA and GPS, but also a touch screen and a full keyboard? Make sure you consider the HTC TyTN II on.