New 360 Motorcycle, The Evolution of The First Android Wear Circular

Motorola It has tapped into great showcase that offers the IFA 2015 to present the renewal of its first Android Wear with new in society Bike 360 of second generation you try to fix most defects or shortcomings that were detected in the first generation.

On this occasion the new bike 360 will not be a single model, but there are several versions, of different sizes, designs and materials to meet the needs of every consumer, be available in different colors and with different belts.

New bike 360, new box

The first novelty that we found with the new Bike 360 (2nd Gen) It’s him new design of its metal case, which have added a few handles to make it easier to change their standard belt and they have uploaded the Crown to make it more comfortable to press its button, at least for right handed people. As we see in their images, the black band remains on the screen, so it is not completely circular. They arrive with the new 360 motorcycle four models.

New bike 360, versions for men

With the new bike 360 We found two versions designed for the male audience, in two different sizes: the Bike 360L 46 mm as above and the Bike 360S 42 mm, perfectly sized for costumes. 46 mm model has a strap 22 mm and 42 mm with a 20 mm strap They will be available in color Black, silver, gold and black gold with leather straps and metal.

New bike 360, version for women

The female audience also has its new bike 360 designed specifically for them, with a 42 mm case but with one 16 mm belt available in color Silver, gold and rose gold, also with metal and leather belts.

New bike 360 Sport, athletes with GPS and hybrid screen version

People who practice sport also its new Bike 360 in its sports version. The 360 Sport motorcycle change the metal by paste to offer a Sports Watch Lightweight and easy to clean. Unlike other models, the bike 360 Sport has with hybrid screen Anylight Display that uses two technologies LCD Transflective and reflective, similar to electric ink E-Ink. The screen will be in reflective mode when we’re on the street, causing you to save battery power. They will be available in black, white and orange.

Technical specifications

The bike 360L has a 1.55 pulgadas(320 x 290p) screen and a battery of 400 mAh and the Bike 360S and version for women a 1.37-inch screen (320 x 290p) and 300 mAh battery. The new 360 motorcycle pass to use the 400 Snapdragon and the same 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. While the smaller 360 motorcycle spend less battery than the first model, Motorola reported that the battery will last longer thanks to the new processor. All will be Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, resistance to water and dust IP67 and load wireless. Only the sporty model will take GPS and hybrid screen.

The black band of the screen

Motorola He still goes by that black band that occupies a small bottom of the circular screen. The reason for esto are two. The first the light sensor, that it adjusts automatically the display brightness. The second reason is that the the display drivers they are also in that band. This allows to reduce the size of the edges, getting that 70% of the clock display is. They believe it is the best, and according to an in-house study 85% of users with daily use do not notice that black band.

Price and availability

The new bike 360 they will go on sale in Spain throughout the month of September. The versions with 42 mm and 46 mm leather strap will have a price of 309 and 359 euros respectively. The woman of 42 mm version will cost 329 euros. The bike 360 Sport version also will be released soon but still have not been able to confirm its price.