Nasty Gal Reviews

To who doesn’t like listening to success stories? And if the player has less than 30 years and is passionate about vintage clothing. Precisely this hobby by finding past articles and sell them at the present prices now has become millionaire.

Nasty Gal Reviews

In 2006, Sophia Amoruso was 22 years old and had left the University. He lived in a property of an aunt and worked in an art school, checking identifications of students by $13 per hour, according to the published an recent article.

At that time, Amoruso started Nasty Gal, a page on eBay selling vintage clothes. In these seven years he has become all of a brand specifically targeting girls in their 20. Nasty Gal has more than half a million fans on Facebook and more than 600,000 in Instagram, and although it was not so well known until the major newspaper The New York Times published this article, the company sold nearly $100 million of dollars in clothing and accessories last year.

Now aged 28, who in 2006 wanted to study photography but could not with the idea of debt, so is that she quit her job to begin selling Internet items vintage designer who found in garage sales and Goodwill stores.

The journal relates that he found a Chanel bag in a shop of the Salvation Army who bought for $8 dollars and sold for $1,000. Also found Yves Saint Laurent clothes online looking for it with spelling mistakes, as suposo wrote how (correctly) that people who did not know nor know its value.

He devoted himself to make the styling, photographing and put the footnote to each of the products, which sold about 25 a week and put Nasty Gal, inspired by a disc of 1975 by Betty Davis, who was briefly married to Miles Davis and inspired the song “Back Seat Betty” to the page.

In less than two years, Nasty Gal had already grown and had had to move by second occasion, this time to a 7,500-square-foot warehouse in Emeryville, California. Its sales on e-Bay platform also had now you girl and decided to start, since belonged to a porn site. Now this domain belongs to the company founded by Amorouso.

Although initially it started promoting itself thanks to an indexdotcom page, he left it to focus on Facebook where to put inventory that reached him from accessible motorcycle jackets vintage Versace clothes. He also hired someone for built you your web site and are taught how to use Photoshop, as he focused on bringing models that would be as “good people, not dead”, and had to miss some when people complained that it looked very skinny or boring, according to published newspaper.

It was precisely this conversation with your customers, that earned him a loyal clientele around the world. Although Nasty Gal has a team of mercadorecnia, their fans comment on all posts Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, and up to put photos of themselves with clothes that have gotten in NastyGal.

As I knew that I could not grow up selling only vintage clothing, Amorouso hired the first employee of his company, Christina Ferruci, to help buy new clothes with retro-inspired.

In 2011, Amoruso decided to change NastyGal headquarters to Los Angeles to be closer to the vendors and models. In the article published in March 2013 by The New York Times said that the Urban Outfitters brand had shown interest in acquiring Nasty Gal.