Nails – Causes, What to Do, Vitamins

Signs and symptoms suggestive of brittle nails include, peeling of the nail tip, breakage easily, difficulty of the nails to grow The causes and what the risks of the symptom. The main cause of brittle nails is the extreme dryness of the nail.

Some people have a genetic predisposition to this type of problem. As we get older, our nails become more fragile, dry, and so they break more easily. Dry air, like in the summer with the use of air conditioning, can cause dryness of the nail. Some diseases can cause brittle nails, for example, hypothyroidism, a disease caused by low levels of thyroid hormone, Raynaud’s phenomenon, a disease that affects the arteries of the arms and legs, skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and eczema in general , endocrine diseases such as Sjogren-Larsson syndrome, which also causes dry skin, malnutrition. Factors that may increase a person’s chance of having brittle nails include frequent hand washing, prolonged exposure to dry cold, sunburn, excessive exposure to chemicals such as enamel remover, repeated injury of the fingertips Nails reflect health of the organism. They are cutaneous appendages formed by differentiation of some segments of the skin. They have a lot of keratin and are involved in the process of protecting the organism from the external environment and have aesthetic function. Their growth is continuous and receives various hormonal and nutritional stimuli. The nail can interrupt its growth or present structural changes since, in cases of serious diseases, the organism reserves its source of proteins, vitamins and defense to the vital organs. The nutrients are scarce first in the nails and the hair and both are weakened, opaque and lifeless in these situations. Use enamel that has no corrosive ingredients or that does not cause allergy. Products like toluene and formaldehyde are chemical compounds that are in the composition of the enamel and that can cause allergy in some people. The enamel protects the nail, working as a protective layer, but needs to be of good quality. We can cut and nail the nails without any problem. However, we should not remove the cuticles because they serve as protection against diseases.

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