Music Phone with Rotary

Cool design, fat music store, striking Rotary keyboard-the Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is fully geared to the young target group. Whether Nokia’s new S60 Smart phone for a slightly older crowd is interesting, you will learn in our test.

A year after the 3250, Nokia brings the second music phone with rotating keyboard unit on the market.

Total 270 degrees, the keypad can be turned of the 5700 XpressMusic-so the user receives according to need quick access to the camera-, music-, or phone functions.

But in practice, the rotation mechanism has its pitfalls. We blew through our test course the music Smartphone and reveal all strengths and weaknesses.

Facilities: Versatile Musician

The 5700 provides fat sound, but much more. The S60 operating system is proven even when the mobile phone with the rotation.

Phone functions
The mobile phone users can expect the 5700 convenient phone features. Voice dialing, voice control, changeable profiles and key assignments and an extensive contact management belong to the standard features of the S60 Smartphone. The music phone is suitable also as dictation and recording device-the recording duration is not limited.

You want to write rather than make phone calls? No problem. SMS, MMS, email and instant messaging and chat are possible with the 5700. If you have once no looking on the screen, you can also read aloud SMS. Push-E-mail is not on board.

Data functions
Quad-band GSM, UMTS, EDGE, HSCSD – the 5700 XpressMusic is a real data engine and enables data connections of up to 384 kilobits per second.

Also in interfaces, there is no shortage: the USB port and a slot for microSD memory cards (up to 2 GB) are hiding behind a rubber Strip. The mobile phone can communicate via Bluetooth and infrared. In our test, 1,000 Outlook contacts migrated in 62 seconds via USB from the computer on your mobile phone (Bluetooth: 109 seconds, infrared: 123 seconds).

PDA And Multimedia: Good ALLROUNDER

Quick synchronization with the computer, an impeccable MP3 sound and decent camera-the 5700 XpressMusic is a true all-rounder.

PDA functions
Touch screen, OCR, Office-features-you look all the while the 5700 in vain. On the top smartphones of the young musicians can’t be accessed. Nevertheless its smartphone capabilities can be see. The synchronization with the PC works perfectly: XP machine will automatically detect the 5700 as an external drive. So you can simply slide files drag and drop on the phone.

The parade of the 5700 is music. A rotation of the numeric keypad 180 degrees-already available the shortcut keys for the MP3 player available. So you must not laboriously browsing menus. In our test, the player showed a strong performance. The sound is really clean in the sound and the bass has ordinary bums. Depending on the style of music, you can spice up the sounds manual equalizer with several presets.

On the included 1 GB memory card space for about 16 is hours of MP3 music in decent quality (encoded at 128 kbit / s). Who better to want to plug instead of the supplied headset his own headphones, can do so easily. The 5700 has an adapter for 3.5 mm jack plug.

To activate the camera, with a twist on the keyboard Assembly. The lens can be turned in at almost all points of the compass. The camera (2 megapixels) features photo light and panoramic and night mode and can be used as a video camera (320 x 240 pixels). Our test images however showed a slight red glow in the middle and had a little pale. Outside convinced by good sharpness, even if the shots in strong sunlight had a slightly Milky. (Test photos in full resolution in the photo gallery)

Practice: Total Installed

Nice idea, poorly implemented: the rotatable keypad failed in camera mode

Facts & figures
108 x 51 x 17 mm and 115 grams, that counts 5700 to the leanest mobile phones in its class. The battery endurance of about 3.5 hours in the GSM intercom operation corresponds to the average for smartphones.

The Nokia 5700 is amazingly good in the hand and has very large keypad with a good pressure point. Less well: The menu and back button are located on the outer rubber edges of the case.These are located next to the input on / off button of the keypad. Operating errors are inevitable and Rob last nerve especially when the text. A further point of criticism: The joystick is not illuminated at night.

Almost outlandishly cumbersome: the operation of the mobile phone in camera mode.To photograph, rotate the block 90 degrees to the front. The option buttons and the joystick are very hard to use – a real nuisance because of the protruding rear block.Dear Nokia, small suggestion for next time: A touch screen would be the better solution.

The situation is different when the MP3 keyboard: the four quick buttons can be operated easily. Only the play/pause button seemed a bit spongy and responds more slowly.

The volume and the intelligibility of the phone calls are appealing. Also the sound is OK. Striking: In talks, a persistent and disturbing noise is heard. The speaker works very loudly, but only moderately intelligible.Some syllables have been almost swallowed during playback.

The TFT display measures 5.6 centimeters on the diagonal and has convinced us both the brightness and contrast.

Conclusion: Has The Knack

The Nokia 5700 XpressMusic is a Smartphone on teen trimmed. It looks cool and has good multimedia features – his extravagant rotation mechanism but has more demand than benefits.

Not only as a music phone, the 5700 in the test could convince – the Phone and data featuresworthy of a Smartphone. With HSCSD, UMTS, EDGE, are fast on the Web on the go and have the most important interfaces on board with USB, Bluetooth and infrared. Nokia 5700 in midfield moves with a battery endurance of 3.5 hours. Some are however likely to real business users Office functions missing.

In the Practice has the 5700 partly convincing, partly crass disappointed. So convinced of the musicians with its MP3 capabilities and rapid synchronization. Less good is the handling of the camera. The camera / keypad blocked the access to the menu buttons in camera mode.Only people with rubber fingers and good nerves it have fun.

You want to shoot photos without curvature of the fingers, but not without a good MP3 player? Then check out the Walkman cell phone W880i Sony Ericsson once more on. 1 GB has a very good MP3 player memory as well as UMTS and digital camera (2 megapixel) also, on board. Price, the two devices are currently around 350 euros on a level.