Muma Celebrates the Autumn

The Muma, authorial design online store that carries the signature of emerging and established professionals from around the world, invests in the autumn that this is aware the season more charming. Therefore, selected pieces for those who want to enjoy the cold begins to show in night ideas for stay at home.

“It is a mistake to think that autumn is a season of only dark shades. Our idea is composed with a mix of vibrant colors and other more sober. After all, Brazilian loves surprising aesthetic when consumes design “Matheus Ximenes Pine account, CEO and curator of the brand.

6,624 R$ .20
Length:214 cm x height:78 cm x width:78 cm

What about a piece that was created at the beginning of the 20 century and still remains timeless. Straight lines and rational Kubus sofa gain smoothness through the cubes that populate the structure. The leather finish gives the final elegance to this three-seater sofa, which is an indispensable item for anyone who is in love with the history of design.

R$ 2,148 .00
Length:70 x 45 x height:width:45

The Cloud collection is developed around the concept of plot, a rowset interjected. The plot is the basic structure of the fabric and various other forms of construction of objects such as baskets and works in natural fibers, but always in orthogonal and regular sequence. The proposal of an irregular structure aggregates the pieces a unique character, as each piece is hand made and the order of ribbons of fabric is random. The stripes used to coat the strips of foam creates an optical game that emphasizes the movement of braided. The irregular contours and rounded reminds us of a cloud-CLOUD. Humberto design da Mata.

Length:44 x height:84 x width:41

Lightweight, compact, youngsters and the set of Cali chairs is perfect for stripped and modern environments. With several color options, combine with everything. Can be used in kitchens, pantries, dining rooms or even the colorful your room. Manufactured in solid wood of reforestation, were thought to resist the time and provide greater comfort. Supports up to 100 kg. The value is for the set of 2 chairs. Angelo Duvoisin design.

R$ 1,485 .00
Length:35 cm x height:194cm x width:120 cm

The bookcase Olympia is ideal for anyone who likes to draw attention, displaying their books, films, decorative items and photos to anyone you want! Its structure is based on a ladder, with niches of various sizes and involving various types of objects and accessories. It is still possible to customize it with about of 20 different color options. Choose the one that best matches the environment and leave the Shelf Olympia do the rest!

R$ 1,750 .00
Length:180 cm x height:58 cm x width:40 cm

Mount your SOAP Opera House with the Gávea Rack. Full of space, occupies the mobile favorite gadgets and favorite DVDs of the entire family. If you are wishing to set up a movie at home, the Gávea Rack is for you. Manufactured in solid wood of reforestation (Plantations) in the body and drawers in MDF with lacquer finish, comes with mobile drilling on your back to move electricity wires. The Gávea Rack has 180 cm, 58 cm high and 40 cm wide. Easy-to-assemble product – Delivered disassembled.

Length:46 cm x height:40 cm x width:46 cm

With a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, the Pouf Cookie exudes practicality when it comes to custom environments. Its contemporary design is ideal for living rooms and home theaters with visual urban. Is a perfect accessory to serve as extra seating for guests, be used as a coffee table or accommodate your feet while watching television. Available in varied colors that combine perfectly with the pads of Cookie line. Like all products of MUMA, production of the Pouf is ecologically smart Cookie, because the wood used in his feet is carefully selected lumber drop. STUDIOB design.

R$ 1,785 .00
Length:40 cm x height:174 cm x width:86 cm

Bansal Cabinet perfectly fits into various environments, especially in the bedroom, living room or home office and brings more charm to the House. Counts with ample space for organizing books, magazines, objects and other utensils. It has 4 shelves, which can be used straight or slanted, and two lower drawers. Features:made of solid wood of reforestation (Plantations) in the body and doors and drawers in MDF. Matte lacquer painting. Dimensions:86 cm L x 174 cm x 40 cm p. product delivered disassembled.

Length: 56 cm x height: 75 cm x width: 57 cm

Also known as Y, the Wishbone Chair is one of the most representative parts of Hans Wegner. With your simple design and clean lines, seems to have stepped out of a shop. Your air craft brings calm and tranquility to the environments, inspiring warmth and receptivity.

5,082 R$ .00
Length:51 cm x height:94 cm x width:82 cm

Sculptural and extremely comfortable, the Wing Chair is one of the most famous creations of Hans Wegner. With a striking design, the Chair invokes the organic shapes and fluid characteristics of the designer for a maximum comfort. Your rest will never be the same after this armchair.

MUMA’s showcase for the creative design and premium
Created in 2014, the brand brings together more than 76 designers from around the world

The MUMA, authorial design online shop, brings the signature of emerging econsagrados professionals around the world. The brand value creator and bet on more than 3000 products, including furniture, housewares and home furnishings from Dictfurniture, developed by artists such as Edu Bertolai, Humberto da Mata, Natasha Schlobach and Erika Kövesdi, Allan Wisniewski, among other names.
The MUMA was born from the desire to bring the best of design furniture and decorative accessories to Recife. See many customers seeking furniture in Sao Paulo and even in Miami, the architect Matheus Ximenes in 2014 1 Pine decided to open e-commerce that could, in principle, meet the northeastern region and today operates throughout Brazil. The right logistics management MUMA deliveries throughout the country and facilitates that the creator himself send the package. “Our focus is people who like eobjetos furniture differentiated,” Matheus Ximenes pine.
The curator is performed by a specialized team of architects and designers led by Matheus Ximenes pine, which evaluates proposals for designers, always taking into account the quality of manufacturing and the profile of MUMA.

“Muma wants to serve as a window to showcase the work of emerging and established designers, establishing a close relationship with them,” Matheus Ximenes pine. For this, present their items in the site context, talking about the specifics of the product and the story behind it.