Mountain Riders Tour de France

Which climbers are the major contenders for victory in the mountain classification of the 2015 Tour de France? What about the scoring of this climb the standings in each other? What is the history of the mountain classification in the Tour really like?Which rider won this classification most often? And since then, the leader in the mountains classification, the polka dot jersey?

History of the mountain classification

“Meilleur Grimpeur’
A precursor to the mountains classification was the honorary title of” Meilleur grimpeur. This honorary title was in 1905, when the third edition of the Tour de France, which was introduced by the newspaper L’Auto. The journalists in this newspaper picked 1905-1932 every year who deserved this title. René Pottier in 1905 was the first winner of the title “Meilleur grimpeur” and he also won the title in 1906. 
Officially the mountain classifications
early thirties Henri Desgrange decided that there must be official standings, which would henceforth be determined who was the best climber in the Tour. The first winner of this official mountain classification was in 1933 the Spaniard Vicente Trueba. This victory was awarded to him by many. Trueba could climb terribly good, but this rider with a length of 1 meter 54 was very bad in the downhill and often mediocre in the flat stages.
The final lines mountain stages in the thirties still not on top of the mountain was, but almost always in cities like was found in Dalarna was much to his detriment. This allowed him, though he often came first over the top of a mountain, throughout his career never winning a stage in the Tour. He lost in the downhill and on flat lot of time for the general classification. The introduction of the new mountain classification was definitely a great opportunity for him and his victory in the mountain classification of 1933 can therefore be considered as the biggest highlight of his career.
Introduction polka dot jersey
only decided with effect from the 1975 Tour de France is now on to accompany leader in the mountains classification jersey specific wear. As a sponsor of the mountain classification at the time was a chocolate brand, which was the products in white containers with red lights, they decided to choose to issue a white shirt with red balls to the leader in the mountains classification.
In the beginning it was a little laugh for several riders, the distinctive “polka dot” pattern on the mountain jersey.Lucien Van Impe known example later that he was also a little embarrassed when he for the first time this jersey in the peloton had to run. But soon the polka dot jersey was formed and it was a great honor for riders to wear our mountain jersey.
Frenchman Richard Virenque is the rider who has won mostly mountains classification in the Tour de France. He won this classification, seven times: 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2003 and 2004. The Spaniard Federico Bahamontes and Belgian Lucien Van Impe won this ranking both six times. Twice a Dutchman won the mountain sweater Steven Rooks 1988 Gert-Jan Theunisse, 1989.

Mountain Rides in the 2015 Tour de France

Seven key steps bergs included in the roster of the 2015 Tour. The first three mountain stages held in the Pyrenees. The final four will take place in the Alps. Below is an overview of these mountain stages.
Mountain stages of the Tour in 2015:

  • Stage 10: Tuesday, July 14: Tarbes – La Pierre Saint-Martin
  • Stage 11: Wednesday, July 15: Pau – Cauterets
  • Stage 12: Thursday, July 16: Lannemezan – Plateau de Beille
  • Stage 17: Wednesday, July 22: Digne-les-Bains – Pra-Loup
  • Stage 18: Thursday, July 23: Gap – Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne
  • Stage 19 Friday, July 24: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne – La Toussuire
  • Stage 20: Saturday, July 25: Modane-Alpe d’Huez ??

Favorites rock classification 2015

Which riders are the favorites for overall victory in the mountain classification of the 2015 Tour de France? This seems even more difficult to predict than the favorites for the other major rankings, such as the yellow jersey, the white jersey and the green jersey. For a few years there will be another great specialist in the victory in the mountain classification is an important goal. Most top riders choose the overall and stage wins as the main objectives. The mountain classification play in them often take in mind: if the price trend is still score plenty of storage points and they do not view more on the overall victory in the Tour, they can still decide to do their primary objective of the mountains classification.
Pierre Rolland
Frenchman Pierre Rolland is a rider allowing a main purpose of the mountains classification. Rolland was born October 10, 1986 in Gien. In 2010, he was tenth in the final standings of the Tour and he won that year a Tour stage. In 2012 he was eighth in the Tour and won a stage again. In 2014 he was 4th in the Giro.
Rolland is a good climber with an attacking style. Through which he can dress up in big mountain stages on the road a lot of points for the mountain classification collection. Rolland would have recognized him as a rider just what lacks to play along with the absolute top positions in the overall classification of the Tour. Therefore, he could choose the polka dot jersey as the main object, rather than the total.
Joaquim Rodriguez
Spaniard Joaquim Rodriguez has long been considered the best riders in the world, both in the climbing classics, the short stage races and Grand Tours. But he came just short of something to ever win the Tour de France. Through his explosiveness uphill arrivals, but he can score a lot of points for the mountain classification. In 2014 he was third in the mountain classification, but certainly not when he started the Tour in very good condition. Possibly he chooses to do its primary purpose of this ranking again in the 2015 Tour.
Alejandro Valverde
Spaniard Alejandro Valverde hunted for years after the dream that one day win the Tour de France. At age 35, he has now come to accept that he will never live that dream can do. Maybe he therefore chooses 2015 Tour of a new dream: to win the mountains classification. Given his climbing skills, but also because of his sprinting abilities, Valverde, of course, is counted among the contenders.
Nairo Quintana
The Colombian Nairo Quintana won in 2013, when his big debut in the Tour de France, which is already the mountain classification. He won that year young rider classification and stage, and he was second in the overall standings. In 2015 Quintana certainly not the mountain classification is the main goal, but the general classification. But when he automatically route a lot of points to score the mountain classifications, but then it would just be that he still decides to try and win the mountain jersey.
Nibali, Froome, Contador?
Vincenzo Nibali, Chris Froome and Alberto Contador, mountain jersey is certainly not the main goal of the Tour de France in 2015. they belong with Quintana until the absolute top favorites for the victory in the overall standings.Yet the price trend might mean for them that they score as many points, they still decide during the Tour to create an object of the mountain jersey.
Rafal Majka
Rafal Majka won the mountain classification in 2014. He could win this, because he is a completely free role he got after its leader Alberto Contador injured had fallen. In 2015, he was probably a lot of servants working for Contador to do and it’s just to see if he gets enough freedom to compete again for the polka dot jersey.
Other Conten
addition to the aforementioned riders, there is still a lot of other drivers potentially, depending on price trends, could also play a key role in the mountain classification. Some of these names refer to the article on the list for the Tour in 2015, under the heading “other contenders. If any of these riders to sit in a long breakaway in a big mountain stage, a lot of points for the mountain classification points, it may decide to make their primary goal there.

Scoring rock classification 2015

How does the points for polka dot jersey in the 2015 Tour de France? Below is an overview, how many points you can earn per col. However, subject to any additional rule: when the arrival of a scene is uphill, when the riders to climb the colon.
This rule is intended to prevent the attacking drivers who do not belong to topklimmers or riding most victories in mountain stages, can earn on the road too many points now. A major reason was to introduce a rule that, for example, in 2010 a relatively unknown driver Anthony Charteau won the polka dot jersey. He was not decided until topklimmers and if he was a Frenchman, the organization of the Tour de France was still not very happy that he is “Mountain King” who was the Tour.
Scoring polka dot jersey in 2015:

  • Hors Category: 25, 20, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 points
  • Category 1: 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 point
  • Category 2: 5, 3, 2 and 1 point
  • Category 3: 2 and 1 point
  • 4. Category: 1 point

Previous edition: rash mountains classification in 2014

Pole Rafal Majka 2,014 won mountain shirt. He made 181 points. Vincenzo Nibali was second with 168 points. The third place in the mountain classification went to the Spaniard Rodriguez. The French Pinot and Peraud were fourth and fifth in the climbing classification.