Moto X Comes Now in Wood-Edition

Motorola teaser now for a special model of their Moto X on Twitter, which has yet to hit Europe.

For well 4 months ago, Moto X, which first presented bids from the reformed tech company Motorola.

Now Motorola has thrown an interesting picture on Twitter with the text “Put the DIY (do it yourself) project on hold. Trust us “.

The picture shows a hobby drawing of a tree-cover for mobile, which does not yet appear to be in trade with Europeans.

The work must be left to the professionals reportedly, and we can probably wait for a special Wood-Edition of the Moto X.

As mentioned, there are absolutely no indications that we are getting the phone for Europe, but what say ye to the idea in General?

Some are wild in the heat to get a smartphone ala Trip Trap?