Mother’s Day Jewelry

The most incredible gifts are those that bear a meaning in themselves, which last a lifetime, and of course, the gifts given with love.For this reason, I believe that any woman, even those who are not so vain, get emotional when they are gifted with a jewel on Mother’s Day.The big question: what jewelry matches your mother?

We separate some models for you with the suggestion that most matches her “mother moment”:

These necklaces are a treat: a pendant with children’s names, a little doll / heart and a heart engraved with a letter (can be the initial of the mother, the father, a son, etc, etc).The Kate necklace, inspired by the duchess Catherine Middleton’s necklace , combines with first-time mothers, mothers of young children and pregnant women.It is the necklace that the fluffy spinster should buy to give the pregnant wife or to have her children hand over to her beloved mother.Following the same line, another option would be the rings with dolls that are also a grace.

Named rings can be given to mothers who have more “grown-up” children and have a certain independence.If the name of the ring is that of her own mother, it will be a jewel that will pass from generation to generation.

Ring with Name

The Love bracelet is a beautiful jewel and combines with the modern mother who, in addition to dedicating herself to her family, also likes to take care of herself and follow fashion trends.

Love Bracelet

For the mature mother, the one who has educated, formed and even “married” the children, there is no doubt that the jewel that most matches her is the solitary ring.A piece of unanimous desire among women and considered the ring of love.What mother would not be moved?

Eudora ring

Solitaire ring

All of these jewelry can be purchased through the