Most People Tweets From the Official Website or Apps

Not exactly a scientific research conducted by an economics student named Benjamin Mayo, showed that users of Twitter prefer post new nonsense from Twitter or the official application provided by the microblogging network site. The student created a good bot: instead of following others, creating an unnecessary inflation effect, the robot scans the tweets in search of information about the client used to tweeting.

Sampling has nothing statistics. About a million tweets were scanned. The Vergecompares this number with the total number of tweets published in March this year – 340 million daily. Still, it helps to draw a brief overview of how to move the market clients for Twitter.

Mayo left the script running between nine in the morning and five o’clock in the afternoon of Wednesday (18). The results are as follows: 70.8% of tweets are posted from the Twitter website or official customers; the rest (29.2%) are third-party apps, as TweetBot or Twitterrific (this is my favorite on the iPad).

The list of sources of tweets have a multitude of applications. Among them, highlight: UberSocial (BlackBerry) TweetDeck (purchased by Twitter Inc, the company behind Twitter), Echofon, Keitai Web (had never heard of it), and Twicca Tweetcaster. Facebook has until the count with 10 000 tracked tweets. The least used was Twittanic, client that was used by 203 people in the period – better not make jokes, okay?

I said and I repeat: this is not a study that follows scientific standards. However, satiate our curiosity … Or will say you knew all the customers mentioned above?