Morellato Versailles Jewelry Collection

Luxury and opulence, these are the hallmarks of the new line of Morellato jewelry, wonderful Morellato Versailles collection, a very impressive collection inspired by the eighteenth century jewelry, Versailles and the most beloved queen of France and discussed of all time, Marie Antoinette. For us children of the 80’s this whole affair is called The Rose of Versailles, the famous cartoon that led us into the midst of the French Revolution, making us see the unbridled luxury up to the storming of the Bastille and the downfall of kings, in short with Morellato Versailles collection we will make a leap into the past, back to the golden age of France.

The Morellato Versailles collection is a line of beautiful and luxurious jewelery, perfect for those who want to be noticed, for those who loves antique jewelry, the fashion brand Morellato, has revived it in a modern way, combining style and tradition, fashion and classicism.

Morellato approaches the world of luxury and this Morellato Versailles Collection is a clear example, everything is declined with white shades and bright, the three elements that make up these jewels are gems, crystals and steel.

The Morellato Versailles collection includes rings, necklaces and bracelets, all characterized by the bright steel and these brilliant stones, a hymn to the tradition that whispers modernity.