More Space: 128 GB Memory Card for Your Data!

The 128 GB Memory Card from Sandisk Gives You More Space for Your Data

Memory SanDisk has recently introduced a new 128 GB microSD card. The most premium smartphones, whose store is extensible, using a microSD card are however designed according to the manufacturer’s instructions only for a maximum of 64 GB additional memory. Here we go: at the latest smartphones card works but the 128 GB! The new memory card SanDisk presented end of February, has considerable 128 GB disk space! The 128 GB memory card differs in size, nor in the form of the previous microSD cards. The standard has only changed: SanDisk is no longer on the microSD-HC standard, but on microSD-XC, which introduced GB memory card with 64. All smartphones and tablets, which have no card reader for microSD-XC standard, may no longer recognize the 128 GB memory card, because they use a different file system with exFAT.

Newer smartphones as for example the Sony Xperia Z1, the Sony Xperia Z1 compact or the Sony Xperia Z2 and the Samsung smartphones Galaxy S4 and Galaxy note 3 see the microSD-XC standard already at the factory and can be equipped also with a 64 GB memory card–usually, which stands in the datasheet of the Smartphones. The highlight is now: all Android or Windows 8 Smartphones that are compatible GB memory card with a 64, can SanDisk that also a larger 128 GB memory card read. Although it nothing in the data sheet is available! In other words, that all who have one of the latest smartphones to confidently can lie to the 128 GB memory card from SanDisk!

Here with us in Germany the 128 available GB memory card at different online vendors.

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