More Details of The New Filter 360 Moto: Barometer, Hybrid Screen and GPS

Motorola, that is last year, has already filed almost all of your letters for IFA. Barring surprises, tomorrow we will know only the new bike 360 (and perhaps any accessory) and with the catalogue of products of the company will close this by 2015. Yesterday saw through a filtration would be like their appearance and now comes more information on the update to the Android Wear smartwarch par excellence.

On the one hand, we have an image with an invitation to the event. There, Motorola said that the time has come (it’s time) quoting us on September 8. The date gives to indicate it would be an event for Asia. In any, upleaks gives us some clues on some of the functions that will be one of the new models motorbike 360.

There would be a third sport version for November

According to upleaks, another reputed leaks account, There will be a sports Edition of the bike 360 that will have the following features: barometer to measure atmospheric pressure (an increasingly common sensor in mobile), GPS (the first generation did not have) and the introduction of a hybrid display that would be well in bright outdoor environment.

Upleaks has not explained how this is hybrid Panel, It could be an Anylight that occur as just low-light either something like the technology that use Qualcomm Mirasol or Pebble Time. We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out more about that technology.

Hybrid Display optimized for outdoor use, 3ATM Water Resistance, GPS, Barometer #Moto360Sport our site/zS75I8i7A5

— upleaks (@upleaks) September 1, 2015

All this should add the water resistance, according to this dedicated to filtration Twitter account has been enhanced to achieve three atmospheres of pressure. The rumor, also heading the rumor about the existence of two models with two different screen sizes.

On the one hand, we would have a watch with screen 1.37-inch diagonal and 270 mAh battery. The largest raises to 1.55 inch with a 375 mAh battery. The sports version with the barometer, hybrid screen and GPS could not advertise in IFA and would touch us to wait for November to meet him.

Leaks information is somewhat confusing since they give to understand that while Motorola could present its new bike 360 in Berlin, it would keep a third version by year’s end. Strange that leave functions very demanded by the users in that “sport” Edition. Many would like to see GPS and a screen that look better with lots of ambient light.