Mobile Voice Recorder

Cellphones called “smartphones” have the great advantage of allowing the installation of several programs in the same way as it is done on a computer.

Mobile Voice Recorder


One of these programs may have the purpose of functioning as a voice recorder , turning your mobile device into a digital voice recorder .

If you have a cell phone with the Android operating system, a good voice recorder program is the “Voice Recorder”. This small voice recorder software allows you to make voice recordings very simply. Some of the Voice Recorder options are:

  • Automatic volume adjustment during recording
  • Uninterrupted recording even when receiving calls
  • Background recording. Write without displaying the program interface as the main screen
  • Hide recorded music software files from your phone.
  • Lets you set up default recipient and subject to send an email directly right after recording!

To download the Voice Recorder, visit the Android Market of your device and look for the name: Voice Recorder. It’s a great app and make sure to leave it installed on your phone for when you need to do some recording.

Another very interesting application that I found even more practical is Skyro.

What I found most interesting in this voice recording application was the ease of use. When you open a screen with a button to start recording. There are basically two main screens. One that records, pauses and stops recording.

And another main screen to listen to the recordings. All extremely intuitive and simple to use as every application should be.

Among the various functions expected from a call recorder, what I liked best about this recorder was the ability to record with the screen off and without any flashing LEDs. Excellent for recording your conversations, meetings, doctor’s visits and various other subjects that you can not forget and can not write down.

In addition to doing the job of recording the conversations on the cell phone and doing this efficiently, you can change the theme and appearance and the sharing options in the cloud make it easier to have the file saved faster on your computer for example.

I set up so that the Skyro recorder could access a specific folder within my Dropbox account and so every time I finish recording an audio it is automatically sent to my computer. Very agile and safe. I recommend.

This program also has an even more complete version.

I used the Skyro voice recorder on Android and you can download it to your phone or tablet directly from Google Play.