Mobile Phones from Diamovil

Something will have Diamovil that you love us. We have now discovered that, after many months, your website is already open (simultaneously with its expansion to more points of sale) and in it we can find not only all the data you already offered months ago but also the mobile offering, at the moment three.

It is free terminals and low range. The Samsung C260 It is a very basic phone for 45 euros, without great functions beyond screen 65.000 colors or polyphonic tones. On the other hand, we have the Nokia 1650, with practically the same functions for 49 euros. Mobile that completes your catalog is the Motorola W375 63 euros, with FM radio, VGA camera and MP3 ringtones.

As we see, it is mobile basic designed for those who they seek only to make calls and send messages, practically the same target than the own operator, and that many of the regulars to supermarkets day.